Vampire Bait

Author: Olivia T. Turner
Category: Vampires | Fantasy | Horror | Romance
Total pages: 17

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Vampire Bait

I've been awake for centuries, but I only came alive when I saw her.
Her smell drifted through the castle and hit me so hard my legs nearly buckled.
Blood. But not just regular old blood.
Virgin blood.
My fangs were on fire. They were burning with need.
But it wasn't just her virgin blood that I craved. It was her.
Her helpless body with the deadly curves was tempting me like never before.
Almost three centuries on this planet had not prepared me for this moment. Nothing could.
How could you prepare yourself for the moment you lay eyes on perfection? How could decades of endless boredom ready you for the thrill of seeing the most stunning creature ever created?
Obsession took root in my soul--if I have one--and it grew like a rabid monster through every inch of me. 
I wanted to lock every door and window in my castle and keep her trapped with me forever.
My protective instincts were overwhelming. I needed to shield her, shelter her, guard her from harm.
But how could I do that when I'm the most dangerous thing in the world to her?
I'd have to fight my primal urges every second. It would be torture. It would be agony. But being without her would be even worse. So, I knew I had no choice.
I needed her by my side.
But when I felt her warm skin and soft curves, the thirst became unbearable.
My monster urges won. And the need to feast took over...

Ready to do some necking with the hottest Over-The-Top vampire in the past three centuries? Roderic Blackburn will stop your heart and have you crying out loud as he shows you a bloody good time.  
SAFE, no cheating, and of course a sugary sweet HEA. Enjoy!

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