Sugar Plum

Author: Isabella Starling, Jenika Snow
Category: Romance | Erotic
Total pages: 30

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Sugar Plum

My sugar plum was all grown up and more forbidden than ever.

Holly Halliday was twenty years old and deliciously curvy.
My best friend’s daughter.
Too young.
I’d kept my desires buried for the last two years, but now, with her realizing the effect she had on me, I was struggling to stay away.
But this holiday season, Holly was especially irresistible, and there was no way I could say no to my desires any longer. I find myself breaking the vow I made with myself not to be with her. Holly's learned to use her womanly charm, and the moment those lace panties found their way under my pillow, I was a goner.
There was no way I was keeping my distance, and I’d know how sweet Holly really is.

Sugar Plum is a father's best friend romance. Sugary sweet and self-indulgent, this novella is the perfect bite-sized treat to enjoy on a cold winter evening!