Saving Della Ray

Author: Georgia Le Carre
Category: Romance
Total pages: 87

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Saving Della Ray


Everybody said, stay away from him. He was trouble. Big trouble.

One look at his big, black monster of a bike and the wild tattoos that snaked out of his leather jacket onto his hands and neck and I knew they were dead right.

The last thing I needed was more trouble. I had enough just paying my bills and taking care of my little niece. She was a special needs child so all the money I earned flowed into her care and education.

In any event, I was a good girl. I didn't date bad boys. Oh, no, not me.

Not even when they looked like Gage.... and they set my body on fire every time they came within shouting distance of me.


In my world nothing was as it seemed, and danger lurked everywhere. One wrong move could mean a violent death.

I was supposed to keep my head down and focus on what I needed to do. Not go around playing the good Samaritan.

But when I saw that delectable mouth tremble with shame I couldn't help myself.

I thought I could just blend back into shadows afterwards, but the more I tried to ignore her, the worse I throbbed for her.

She couldn't understand why I kept pushing her away, but she didn't know I had a secret.

A secret that could end her world as she knew it.

A full length standalone romance with a HEA.