Dirty Aristocrat

Faking our wedding was easy. Faking the truth was a whole lot harder.
Lord Ivan de Greystoke
Don’t let my fancy title fool you because I'm a bad boy.
I've always been. Now I've set my sights on Tawny Maxwell
the one woman who stirs a possessiveness and desire in me that makes my insides twist.
She's nineteen, blonde, fabulously beautiful, and married to Robert Maxwell.
Which makes her a gold digger and my f**king stepmother!
Oh and completely unavailable ... until now.
For the old man’s dead, she’s the heiress of a hundred million fortune, and I’m the executor of her trust, but it ain't no walk in the park. My stepbrother and stepsisters feel robbed and are of the opinion that she should join her husband a.s.a.p, and I’ve got a raging hard-on. Permanently.
Then I come up with the perfect solution. A fake marriage ... to me.

Tawny Maxwell
Everyone thinks I’m a gold digger. Even the dazzlingly, beautiful man whom I can't stop thinking about looks at me with distrust and suspicion in his silver eyes.
But they don’t know the whole story.
I have a secret. It's so big it will blow their minds, but I’m not telling.

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