His Rule (The Rite Trilogy 1)

Author: A. Zavarelli
Category: Romance | Erotic | Crime | Adult | Dark
Series: The Rite Trilogy
Total pages: 84

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His Rule (The Rite Trilogy 1)

I live in a world where secrecy reigns.
A Society rooted in power, wealth, and long-held dynasties.
Where men are Kings, and women are pawns.
For as long as I can remember, I’ve dreamt of escaping the shackles of my expectations.
But it can only ever be a dream.
I made a fatal mistake, and those shackles became a cage.
Now I’m trapped in a war with a man who controls my every move.
He’s my brother’s best friend.
My enemy, my tormentor, and my solace.
His words have the power to wound me.
His touch just might break me.
But this is his kingdom, and as long as I’m here I only have one choice.
I’ll play by his rules.