Willing (The Un 1)

Author: Izzy Sweet, Sean Moriarty
Category: Romance | Fantasy | Vampires | Erotic | Paranormal
Series: The Un
Total pages: 128

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Willing (The Un 1)

All my life I’ve been running from a monster.

Afraid he’ll catch me and doom me to eternal damnation.

Born with a mark declaring I’m one of the few women in the world that can be turned into a vampire, I’ve lived in fear and isolation.

Protected and sheltered by the only humans willing to stand up to vampires, the Order of Saint Benedict.

But when the monster starts hunting me in my dreams, the truth of the mark I bear is revealed.

We’re connected. Two halves of a soul that have been separated.

Now there’s nowhere to hide.

He can feel me wherever I am.

And he’s determined to show me he’s not only my destiny…

He is completion.