In with the New Baby

Author: Jamie Knight
Category: Romance
Total pages: 38

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In with the New Baby

We’re like oil and water.
But I can’t help but want to mix us together.

My new physical therapist is smoking hot.
But sparks fly in more ways than one on my first day of PT.
We’re already fighting, even though there’s chemistry.
She and other providers want to tell me what’s good for me.
I do what I want, though, no matter what anyone says.
They say I’m rough around the edges.
But I love the smooth skin of her curvy body.
I’m a patient of hers, so we’re not supposed to be together.
Yet I’m not one to play by the rules.
She’s supposed to be giving me treatment.
To get me back into fighting shape for the MMA.
But I want her to give me something else.
Something she’s never given to anyone.
I’ve never given my heart to anyone before her, though.
And I can’t let her into my dark past.
My new year’s resolution better be to open up.
Because I think I might have put a baby inside her.

I’ll have to learn to become relationship material.
Since I’m determined to claim what’s mine.
Not just in the new year but forever.

In with the New Baby is a standalone secret baby romance novel. Jamie Knight promises to always bring you a happy ever after filled with plenty of heat. And never any cheating or cliffhangers!