Sable's Santa Daddy

Author: Honey Meyer
Category: Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 63

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Sable's Santa Daddy

No one makes a little's Christmas wish come true like a Santa daddy...

Jethro Del Bosque owns Clover City’s best garden center. He’s also Clover City’s most sought after Santa, and he’s got his eye on one of his elves. 

Sable Hollingsford is heir to the Hollingsford real estate fortune, and she’s one of the city’s wealthiest and most sophisticated women. She’s completely out of Jethro’s league. 

Sable’s always wanted a daddy who would spoil and discipline her, and she’s always liked the look of Jethro, but being little isn’t in the cards for a ruthless businesswoman like her. 

Except a chance encounter at the club Jethro frequents and where Sable fulfills her secret needs gives them an inkling of hope. And when a stranger at the club won’t take no for an answer, Jethro rushes to Sable’s aid. His heroics give them both second thoughts about what might be possible...especially at Christmas.

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