Sweet As Candy (Boyfriend Diaries 11)

Author: S.E. Law
Category: Romance | Erotic
Series: The Boyfriend Diaries
Total pages: 96

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Sweet As Candy (Boyfriend Diaries 11)

Their kisses taste as sweet as candy.

Mari's always been a good student. Unfortunately, when she gets to college, earning A's isn't so easy anymore. She decides to approach her handsome professor for help, but then their encounter turns into a lot more than she expected.

John Boynton is the type of professor that makes co-eds swoon. With his thick black hair, piercing blue eyes, and muscles out to there, and a commanding pointer that makes Mari gasp. He looks more like a male model than a man with an advanced degree.

The teaching assistant for the class, Mark Kingham, is just as amazing. He uses a laser pointer instead of a wooden pole, but it’s just as thick and powerful.

But John's got a secret: he's already in a relationship with the handsome TA, Mark.

One day, I swing by Professor Boynton’s office hours and catch John and Mark together, with their muscular arms wrapped around one another and a lot more going on as well.


But even crazier, the two men *invite* me to join them!

Holy hotness, my head is going to explode!

When they realize they both want Mari, what will they do? Will both alpha males get a piece of the curvy girl, or is their threesome doomed?

But what happens when Mari gets pregnant with their baby? Will John and Mark welcome the child, or will Mari get an F in the class?

Bring a fan for this novel because it's the heat level is scorching.
Mari, John and Mark make a baby in this book because the curvy girl likes things both ways.
Warning: An MMF romance (swords cross in this book), but it’s what makes things tasty! No cliffhangers, no cheating, and always an HEA for my readers.
[90k full novel]