Boyfriend for the Summer

Author: Penny Wylder
Category: Romance | Adult
Total pages: 60

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Boyfriend for the Summer

Everything in life is a possibility...
Except a future with the boy I still love.

Once upon a time I was young and dumb. How else can you explain falling in love in a few weeks of summer camp? But it happened. My heart swelled until I couldn't talk, until it was a balloon floating me through the air.
He was my hero. My first kiss.
But when camp ended, even though he promised we'd stay in touch, he never contacted me. What a jerk, right? Just wait.
My first day of my senior year, that same boy walks into my school.
Before we can speak, my best friend claims him as her own.
He doesn't tell her about us. He doesn't say I'm the girl he loves. He becomes the on again off again boyfriend of my best friend. Torture.
Years later, I'm working as a camp counselor at the very same summer camp. And guess who my new boss is?
How can I work with the boy who broke my heart?
I want to punch his enticing smirk. I also want to wrap my arms around him to see if he's as warm as I remember.
The boy I loved, the boy I hate, might give me a happily ever after.
Can one last summer make it possible?