Work Me Up

Author: Penny Wylder
Category: Romance
Total pages: 60

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Work Me Up

It's time for this spoiled rich girl to get her hands dirty...
Last night, the most beautiful girl crashed into my life.
After she busted my treasured car, she acted like it was no big deal. Wrong.
Then her dad gets involved and demands she fix the damage herself.
Now it's my job to teach her a lesson-- hard work deserves respect.
But when she shows up in tight jeans and high-heels at my garage, wrench in her soft hand, I know this will be harder than either of us imagined.
Never mind the drama flirting with her would bring, I have no patience for women who think they can swing their hips and get what they want.
What if there's more to this long-legged angel than soft lips and a smart mouth?
Grease, tools, sweat. That's the hard work I know.
Fighting my feelings is another thing entirely.