My Vampire Billionaire Boss

Author: Marian Tee
Category: Vampires | Billionaire Romance | Romance
Total pages: 41

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My Vampire Billionaire Boss

Spencer de Vries was tired of being in love with her billionaire boss, and not having him even realize she was a woman. So she went ahead and sold her virginity to a stranger as a symbolic way to end her feelings for him and move on for good. And it should've worked. It could've worked...except for one unforeseen twist of fate.

Etienne Hirsche was in a race against time, and the only hope of his race rested in the form of a human girl whose virginity he had purchased through an auction house. The girl had requested for anonymity, and while he had come to her under the cover of darkness, what she didn't know was that he wasn't human...and that the absence of light did nothing to impair his sight.

And it was then he found out that the woman waiting for him in bed was none other than the snarky brat who had been working for him for years.

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