Hell, Meet Haunted (Lord of the Underworld 1)

Who says there's no dating in the afterlife?

Saoirse Sullivan is not your average 38-year-old ghost. For one thing, she's also afraid of other ghosts, which means instead of doing the haunting, she has to worry about being haunted. But things get a whole lot interesting when she meets Hadrian, a gorgeous living creature with the rare ability to interact with ghosts like her.
From being the mind-her-own-business type of ghost, Saoirse suddenly finds herself thrust into a whirlwind of murder, mayhem, and magic, juggling her time between battling poltergeists, chasing after a missing subject of Tartarus, and dating a smoldering-hot bounty hunter of Hell.

Note: This is a companion novel to A Season of Gods and Witches. It has murder, mystery, and mayhem, along with a hot and heavy romance between two consenting adults. Magical happy ever after guaranteed!

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