The Vampire's Mail-Order Bride

Author: Marian Tee
Category: Vampires | Romance | Fantasy
Total pages: 44

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The Vampire's Mail-Order Bride

When my "ancient" vampire Master turns up all gorgeous and sexy rather than old and kind, I know it's time to leave. He'd never want someone like me.

Rhapsody is Not Normal. But her vampire Master doesn't seem to mind, and his letters for her remain kind, funny, and charming. Seeing that she finally has a chance to be happy, Rhapsody can’t wait to join him in Chalys, a modern-day kingdom that follows Regency customs...until she discovers a horrifying truth.

Her Master turns out to be none other than the strikingly virile Marquis of Sangre, who also happens to be the ruler of the vampire race.

Rhapsody tries to be the perfect student in a paranormal academy, but being around the other girls only makes her realize it's impossible to be the marquis' pet and heartkeeper.

Rhapsody resolves to break their arrangement...but a mysterious murder, a missing tourist, and school gossip stand in her way. Even worse, her Master doesn't seem inclined to let her go, and wait...what is this she's feeling? Is this what her demon-fighting therapist

Urban fantasy meets Regency vampire romance in The Vampire’s Mail-Order Bride, a fast-paced, over the top, and explicitly steamy standalone vampire love story made more fun and exciting with a supernatural mystery, a dash of Regency thrills, and good old deadpan humor.

Its companion novels are The Vampire's Pet and The Werewolf's Bride. Readers love the books in this "world" because of its angsty epic love stories and and immersive world building that can make ou temporarily forget real-life problems.