Under the Hawaiian Sun - Love Under Lockdown

Author: Jamie Knight
Category: Romance
Total pages: 14

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Under the Hawaiian Sun - Love Under Lockdown

My boss and I are quarantined while on a business trip.
And he says he knows just the way to pass the time.

I never knew my hot, rich boss knew I existed.
Until he asks me to accompany him on a business trip.
He needs a paralegal for a deposition in Hawaii.
I can't help but hope he might have other motivations.
And I'm soon fantasizing about him taking my virginity.
I tell myself not to be silly- I couldn't possibly be that lucky.
But while we're at the hotel pool, he mentions my curvy figure.
As we work together, I wonder if he'll say or do more.
Then our business trip gets interrupted before we fly back.
That's when we hear news of a pandemic spreading.
We have to stay put, in our hotel room, until more is known.
It's then I find out he has the same thing in mind that I did.
And lots of work for me to do, even though the deposition is over.
I start to wish we could stay in this island paradise forever.
And he sounds like he wants the same.
But now I'm really being silly, right?
Could we really risk our careers to be together?

Is this just a quarantine fling while we're stranded?
Or could we have a happily ever in real life on the mainland?

Under the Hawaiian Sun is a standalone quarantine office romance