A Dangerous and Possessive Love (Dark Mafia Romance Duet 1)

Note: This was previously published as Prince of Darkness (Part One).

He's powerful, merciless, and so, so dangerous that people call him the Prince of Darkness. And right now, the prince wants...me.

I really should've known better.
His place looks more like a fortress than a home, and everyone living with him is armed to the teeth.
That should've been enough to send me running.
But because I was foolish, I ended up working for him.
A foolish lamb serving the terrifying wolf in a suit.
I thought having a boyfriend would make me immune to the Prince of Darkness.
I thought I could keep myself safe.
But I was wrong.

This is Part I of the Dark Mafia Romance duet. If you enjoyed books such as 365 Days or 365 DNI by Blanka Lipinska, then you might want to give this a try.
Other themes: college romance, bully romance, billionaire romance

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