FLIRT (Dirty Brothers 1)

Author: Penny Wylder
Category: Romance | Billionaire Romance | Erotic
Series: Dirty Brothers
Total pages: 28

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FLIRT (Dirty Brothers 1)

Dirty. Powerful. Protective. Ready to meet the Logan brothers?

Never trust a Logan.

That's what my older sister told me the day one of those jerks broke her heart. I took her advice seriously and for eight years, I've managed to keep plenty of distance between me and that elite family.

That all ended the day I came home to help my father.

I didn't know he'd gotten a business loan from them. Not until Thomas Logan strolled up with the paperwork in his long fingers.

This man wears a cocky smile as comfortably as he wears a fitted suit. His eyes smolder with obvious desire whenever we're in the same room. I know he wants me.

The awful thing is... I want him, too.

For my sister's sake, I need to keep everything between us purely business, but how can I when he won't stop flirting with me?

I was sure I could trust myself to resist this dirty brother.

Can I trust myself not to end up in his bed?

NO cheating, no cliff hangers! The Dirty Brothers Series follows three powerful, passionate men as they encounter the rare women who make their hearts thud with true love. But don't you DARE think these stories aren't packed to the page with hot, explicit fun... because trust me, they're as skin-melting as anything I've ever written.