CLAIM (Dirty Brothers 3)

Author: Penny Wylder
Category: Romance | Billionaire Romance | Erotic
Series: Dirty Brothers
Total pages: 28

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CLAIM (Dirty Brothers 3)

I was ready to live my life alone. Now, I want to share it with her.
I gave up my inheritance and ran off into the wild country.
I was tired of my father and his bullshit.
But that bastard couldn't leave me alone. He sent someone to find me and drag me back into his Wall Street world.
I just didn't expect him to send... her.
Anna is all curves and long legs. I'm dying to rip off her prim and proper attire and expose her delicious body.
My father won't pay her until she drags me back to him. I know she needs the money.
So I strike a deal with her.
If she agrees to live with me for one month, I'll return to the business life I hate.
There's no way this city girl will last 30 days in the woods.
But the longer we're together... the hotter our chemistry burns. I want to teach her my mountain man ways. I ache to keep her by my side.
Our lust is turning into love.
Our month is flying by.
And I'm about to lose more than just a contest.

NO cheating, no cliff hangers! The Dirty Brothers Series follows three powerful, passionate men as they encounter the rare women who make their hearts thud with true love. But don't you DARE think these stories aren't packed to the page with hot, explicit fun... because trust me, they're as skin-melting as anything I've ever written.