My Fiance's Dad (Forbidden Fantasies 1) by S.E. Law

Author: S.E. Law
Category: Romance | Erotic
Series: Forbidden Fantasies
Total pages: 52

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My Fiance's Dad (Forbidden Fantasies 1) by S.E. Law

Cora knows she’s lucky to be engaged to the handsome Marky Harrison, a former high school football player. As a curvy girl, she knows her place in life and landing a man like Marky is sheer good fortune. But when her fiancé blows up their engagement, Cora retreats to a cabin to cry and rage.

Matt Harrison has been attracted to his son’s beautiful, sassy fiancée for a long time, but he was determined NOT to be that douchebag father-in-law. The alpha male tamped down on his attraction to Cora while his son was in the picture, but now that Marky’s gone, why not act on his deepest desires … even if it means giving Cora a baby?

This is a taboo tale where a curvy girl meets the man of her dreams … who also happens to be her fiancé’s father. Forbidden? Check. Wrong? Check. Utterly sizzling, knock-your-socks-off-filthy, mouth-wateringly delicious? Check check. Click “Read” now! No cliffhangers, no cheating, and always a HEA for my readers.