Big Man's Contract

Author: Penny Wylder
Category: Romance | Erotic
Total pages: 30

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Big Man's Contract

He's a cruel, handsome bad boy who's ready to take what belongs to him.

When I was a mean-girl with no clue how to treat people, I did a bad thing: I lied to the nerdy boy next door. I said I wanted to hook up with him, but instead of doing it, I teased him mercilessly for believing me.
My mother moved us out of town before I had a chance to apologize.
Years later I'm back on my home turf, trying to restore my dead father's precious bar to its glory days, but the job is impossible without help.
Then the boy I bullied walks back into my life.
He's not small anymore; he's hot as heck with sculpted arms and a chest so broad you could stretch out on top and have room to roll around. Yum.
He says he never forgot what I did to him. He makes me a deal: he'll help fix my dad's bar... if I spend a night in his bed.
I wish I could say I told him no.