My Cynical Prince - The Instalove
Note: This was previously published as HIS FAIR LADY.

I know he's going to think I'm crazy, but there's just no getting around it. I am the girl of his dreams, and he's destined to make me his princess.

Cynical workaholic Julian, Prince of Ethereal, has finally made it to the island of St. Roch, where I've been waiting for him for years.
I thought all I'd need to do is convince him that I'm not crazy, and we'd live happily ever after.
But I was wrong.
As our time on the island grows preciously short, Prince Julian isn't showing any signs of changing his mind. His heart might be mine...but another woman shall still be his princess.

Themes: instalove standalone romance, over the top, royal romance, billionaire romance, love at first sight romance, opposites attract romance, first love romance, psychic romance, psychic mystery, psychic thriller
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