Under My Boss's Control

Author: Jamie Knight
Category: Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 67

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Under My Boss's Control

My boss is in charge. What he says goes.
And he says I have to do whatever he wants.

My handsome, older boss is always very demanding.
And now he needs me to work for him in quarantine.
I have to be around him and help him out 24/7.
My temperature is rising, and not from a virus.
The way he says my name makes me weak in my knees.
And when he orders me around, my panties melt.
Then he says he needs to claim my curvy body to stay productive.
He knows I'm a virgin and possessing me will give him focus.
I shouldn't give in because we'd both be in trouble.
But he's so hot I can't resist his touch.
No one has to know what happens.
It's just the two of us, behind closed doors.
And he says he'll protect me, no matter what.
As long as I give in to his every demand.

Is this just a fling that will only last as long as the lockdown?
Or is it the start of our very own happily ever after?

Under My Boss's Control is a collection of three quarantine office romance books: Under His Care, Under Lock and Key and Under His Protection.

Each book is a standalone and they all feature an older, experienced billionaire boss and his younger but feisty virgin assistant, trapped together under lockdown, with nothing to do but explore their pent up fantasies... and fall in love!