Under His Protection - Love Under Lockdown

Author: Jamie Knight
Category: Erotic | Romance
Total pages: 31

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Under His Protection - Love Under Lockdown

I'm in lockdown but out of a place to live.
Luckily my boss has some ideas in mind.

I knew things weren't going well with my boyfriend.
But inertia and being able to split rent kept me stuck.
Until one night he's drunk and takes a swing at me.
I know then that I'm done for good.
I manage to pack and leave while he's passed out.
I decide to figure out a new place to live from work.
But when I get there, the office is closing down.
A mandatory quarantine is being put in place.
My boss hears about my plight and takes pity on me.
He invites me to quarantine with him at his house.
But soon I start to think it's not pity, but desire.
He's taking "shelter in place" to a whole new level.
Because he wants me to continue to work for him.
And under him.
In every way possible.
He's older than me, but hot AF.
We put in so many hours of work together,
that it can't hurt to add in some fun, right?

But when lockdown ends, will our relationship be over?
Or are things just getting started between us?

Under His Protection is a standalone office quarantine romance with no cheating, no cliffhanger and a very happily ever after. An earlier version was originally published in the Under My Boss's Control box set.

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