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“Did you not have any siblings?” I ask, thinking of my large family back home and realizing just how lonely Sebastian must have been from such a young age.

“A sister,” he says shortly, and something in his voice makes me blink. Did she pass away too?

“What happened to her?” I ask softly. He looks surprised and hesitates, and I’m about to apologize for asking when he shakes his head and says, “She’s disabled. Quite seriously. One of the reasons I was determined to work so hard was to get her the best care. I wanted her to live with me for as long as possible, but now my lifestyle makes it impossible, but I visit at least once a week and have her to stay when I can. It’s one of the reasons I don’t engage with the press. I don’t want them poking around in this, making some kind of story out of it. She deserves her privacy.”

“So, do you,” I whisper, knowing that Adrian will never hear one word of this. It’s a huge scoop, the billionaire with a heart, and it could be the making of my career but I don’t want it. Maybe it’s insane when I’ve only just met him and there’s no guarantee he will even want to see me again, but I know I have no choice but to do the right thing.

“I’ve never told anyone before,” he says, and suddenly looks wary. I stroke his hand.

“Thank you for sharing that with me,” I say, and we hold each other’s eyes, until the waiter interrupts us again and the moment is broken.

We talk for the rest of the meal, but there’s a new ease and intimacy between us now. And as the wine warms my belly and he starts to stroke my wrist and forearm as he talks, I can feel other parts of me warming up again too. I want him to kiss me again and soon.

After our meal he walks me up to my apartment, his eyes dark with desire and hunger. My heart hammering in my chest I ask, “Want to come in.”

Instead of waiting for his reply I jump into his arms.

Chapter Ten


The second her lips touch mine I feel my body catch fire. I’ve never felt such tangible need for another person. I pull Rose towards me, kissing her hungrily as she goes up on her tiptoe and moulds her body to mine. We fit together perfectly, and I wish the material between us would just disappear. I need to be inside her. To claim her as mine and mine only. I slide one hand down her back and leave it resting in the dip just before the lines of her body flare out into that gorgeous ass. When she presses her groin into mine, I take it as an invitation and slide my hand down further to cup and knead her ass. She whimpers into my mouth, and the sound of her arousal turns me on so much that I just about come in my pants right there.

She pulls away and fumbles for her key. “I take it, that was a yes then,” she says with a breathy laugh.

“Hell yes,” I murmur, following her inside her apartment. Coming in’ sounds like an excellent plan.

Her apartment is small but stylish, a studio with a kitchenette at one end, bedroom and wardrobe at the other and the living space in between. It’s the bed I’m interested in, but she turns to me, looking a little awkward.

“Err, do you want a coffee?”

“No,” I say impatiently. “I want you. Come here.” I pick her up in one movement and she gasps out a shocked laugh as I carry her towards the bed. I sit her down and kneel between her legs, claiming her mouth again with my own. She responds with a passion that just makes me even hungrier for her.

I kiss down her neck and across her collarbone, slipping her dress down off her shoulders and over her breasts, taking her strapless bra with it so that her glorious breasts bounce free. I take them in my hands, feeling the delicious weight of them, and then bend my head to kiss them all over, giving particular attention to her stiff rose pink nipples. She grips my hair with her hands and tips her own back, arching away from me so that her breasts are pushed towards me. I take one nipple in my mouth and roll it with my tongue, and she gasps again. I love hearing the sounds of her desire while she writhes under my touch like this, it’s such a fucking turn on. I want more. I want to hear her scream my name as she comes. I lift my head and look at her. Her eyes are dilated, and her cheeks flushed, and I smile at the evidence of the fact that she is as turned on as I am. And she’s here, in my hands, completely at my mercy, giving herself to me.

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