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“Sebastian,” she sobs in sheer pleasure as she comes, bucking her hips and arching her back as her hand tightens in my hair, so tightly it makes my scalp sting, but I’m not complaining. I feel her thighs shuddering as the waves of her orgasm crash over her, and I smile to myself at a job well done.

She’s mine now.

When the shudders stop, I lick my lips and sit back on my haunches to look at her. Her eyes are dreamy and half dazed.

“That was incredible,” she whispers, reaching up with a lazy hand to stroke my cheek. I catch her wrist and nibble on her palm.

“My turn,” I growl, taking her hand and placing it on my cock, which is so hard it’s aching.

Then I see hesitation in her eyes, and feel the stiffness in her hand. I drop her hand and pull away. Have I pressured her? The way she responded so wantonly…was I wrong in thinking she wanted this as badly as I do?

“What’s wrong Rose?” I ask gently, feeling a wave of tenderness for her, my lust momentarily forgotten. She’s blushing, and I wonder what’s going on. I sit on the bed next to her, waiting for her to speak.

“I’m not used to this,” she says softly. “It’s not like me.”

“Believe it or not,” I grin. “I don’t usually go home with the staff either. It’s not a habit of mine…I haven’t been with a woman in a long time.”

She thinks she’s just some conquest, I realize, a notch on the bedpost. No, this woman I want in my bed for as long as she will have me.

“I don’t think you understand,” she murmurs. I take her hand between mine. Something is clearly bothering her.

“So, tell me what I don’t understand,” I prompt. She visibly swallows and then looks into my eyes, her own eyes wary.

“I’m a virgin,” she says quietly.

I feel my eyebrows fly up to my forehead. A virgin? In this city?

I see her wince and suddenly I get it. She thinks I’m going to reject her for being a virgin. Is she insane? This is amazing.

I grin at her.


She frowns.


“That I’m going to be the first man to take you? I’m thrilled.” I don’t tell her my plan to be the only man who takes her.

She relaxes now and giggles. “I love the way you assume I’m going to let you.”

“I know you want me,” I shrug. “And I want you, no need you, in fact. Knowing it will be your first time…that’s sexy as hell.”

I kiss her again and she reaches for my cock, but this time it’s me who pushes her hand away. She looks at me in surprise.

“We’re not doing this tonight. If it’s your first time, then we’re going to make it special. Let me take you away somewhere.”

She gasps.


“This weekend,” I say, planning ahead. I raise her hand to my lips and kiss the back of it.

“Get some sleep,” I say. “I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow morning.” I wink at her. “Bring your feather duster.”

Chapter Eleven


The next morning, I practically bounce up the stairs towards Sebastian’s office, too full of nervous energy to take the elevator. I dreamed about him all night, waking up wet and aching for him. I can’t wait to see him.

I’ve put some lipstick on and opened the top button of my uniform, trying to sex up my drab outfit as much as possible. I spent all morning planning outfits for the coming weekend. And underwear. I need new underwear.

With job loss looming though, I’m going to have to go to the bargain store.

I knock on Sebastian’s office door, shifting from one foot to the other, suddenly shy at the prospect of facing him after our hot and heavy session last night.

“You don’t have to knock,” he calls, amusement in his voice. I enter the office and shut the door behind me. My hands are full of cleaning products and a trash bag, which hampers the sexy pose that I want to strike, but he seems more than happy to see me just as I am.

“Morning,” I say, watching him gaze at me as his eyes run slowly up and down my body.

“Good morning. Did you sleep well last night?”

I blush as an image from my dirtiest dream flashes through my mind. “Err, I guess,” I say. Sebastian gives me a slow smile that is all about sex.

“Well, I didn’t. I was thinking about you all night.”

“Oh? Thinking what, exactly?” I say playing innocent, but I’m pretty sure his dreams matched mine.

“I’ll show you,” he tells me. “Put all that stuff down and come here.”

Slowly, I place my things on the floor and walk over to him. My heart beating erratically in my chest and my breath short as I wonder what he’s planning. I stand in front of him, every nerve ending aching with anticipation.

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