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I look at the door, judging if I can run and open it before Mike catches me. He laughs again.

“You’re not locked in,” he mocks. “I’m giving you until Monday to make up your mind. You either make me a very happy man…or I’ll be making you a very unemployed woman.”

I feel a rush of relief and fight not to let it show on my face. Monday…after my weekend with Sebastian, and after I get paid and can pay my rent to buy me a month to get sorted. I’m telling Adrian I’m leaving anyway…but it means I am going to have to tell Sebastian, and sooner rather than later.

“Okay,” I say meekly, keeping my head down. “I’ll think about it.”

“Good girl,” Mike laughs. “Run along then,” he waves towards the door, dismissing me. Bristling with anger I get up and walk out, not sure whether to laugh or cry. I’ve bought myself some time, but for how long?

Perhaps I shouldn’t go on our weekend getaway. Maybe I should just cut my losses and go home now.

But then I will never know what it feels like to be taken by Sebastian, and I know that I will never meet another man like him again. If I don’t go, I’ll regret it for the rest of my life…and I will never get the chance to tell him my side of the story.

I have to go, but I also have to face the very real possibility that it may very well be the only chance I ever have to be with him. The fallout from all of this is likely to cost me both him and my job.

But if it means that I get to be with him just once, then it has to be worth it.

Chapter Thirteen


I pick Rose up from her apartment in my limo, loving the wide eyed look on her face when she emerges from her building and sees me waiting there. The driver gets out and holds the door open for her, and she gets in next to me, her mouth a small ‘O’ of surprise.

“You’re pulling out all the stops,” she says casually, but I can tell from her expression that she’s impressed. I’m not trying to show off – I’m sure she already knows how rich I am – but I want to give her a taste of luxury this weekend. Cleaning offices every day can’t be a lot of fun, and I want her to enjoy herself.

Of course, all this is just a prelude to the more sensual joys I’m planning on giving her, and they require no money at all. Sometimes, the best things in life really are free.

I press a button once we’ve pulled into the traffic and a small bar whirrs out of the leather interior. She laughs incredulously as a bottle of champagne and two glasses appear.

“This is incredible. Did you hire it?”

“It’s mine,” I tell her. “I don’t use it for everyday work however. Most people don’t keep such early hours as I do and I’m capable of driving myself. I tend to use my driver for events, important meetings etc. And this,” I smile at her, “is a very important event.”

She blushes in that way that I find so damn sexy, and flips her hair over her shoulder self-consciously. She’s dressed in tight jeans and a simple white top, with her hair down framing her beautiful face and minimal makeup, and she looks stunning.

“You look beautiful,” I tell her. “I’m proud to have you all to myself this weekend.”

“Thank you,” she murmurs. She seems nervous, anxious even, and I hope she doesn’t feel like I’m rushing her or coming on too strong. I pop the champagne, which makes her laugh as it fizzes over straight into my lap, pour our glasses and then raise mine in a toast.

“To a lovely weekend.”

She clinks her glass with mine. When we’ve both taken a sip, I replace my glass on the tiny bar and take her spare hand with mine.

“Rose,” I say seriously. “I want nothing more than to make love to you this weekend…but if you’re not ready, that’s okay too. We can just enjoy each other’s company. There’s no coercion here.”

She shakes her head, a smile playing around the corners of her full lips.


“I mean, can you be any more perfect?” she says in a husky voice, and whether from the champagne or my reassurance, she seems to have relaxed somewhat. “If I wasn’t already certain, I think I would be after that.”

I grin. “Well, it wasn’t a tactic, but I’m glad to know you feel that way. I mean it though, no strings attached.” I stroke her hand, and she leans forward and brushes her lips across mine.

“Then I’d waste the new underwear I ran out and bought today especially,” she whispers, and my cock immediately stiffens in response.

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