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“I can’t wait to be inside you,” I tell her, feeling my cock stand at attention in my jeans and rub frustratingly against the denim.

“I can’t wait to feel you inside me,” she murmurs.

She reaches for me and rubs my cock through my jeans, and I grunt as a jolt of desire goes through me. I need to take her but I can wait. I want her wet, dripping and aching for me, so that her body accepts me without resistance. I feel so privileged to be the one that will take her virginity, that will have her writhing and naked in my arms, and I’m going to make sure she loves it so much that she will never need or want anyone else. She’s going to be mine, and I’ll fight anyone who tries to stand in my way. She was made to be mine.

I let her unzip my jeans and take my cock out and into her hand, and I close my eyes as she tentatively starts to stroke up and down my shaft, squeezing as she goes.

“Is that okay?” she asks, sounding unsure. I open my eyes again and down look at her.

“It’s perfect.”

She smiles and my words spur her on as she squeezes harder. Liquid beads at the head of my cock and I groan.

“Not so hard,” I groan. “Or I’m going to come in your hand.”

She giggles at that and looks triumphant at realizing her sudden power over me.

“I want to put you in my mouth,” she says, almost shyly, and my cock jerks in her hand, clearly very happy with that idea. I nod and step closer to the massage table.

I tip my head back and clutch the edge of the table as her soft lips close around my cock and she begins to suck on my shaft. It’s like a slice of pure fucking heaven, feeling her mouth on me. Not today, but sometime soon, I’m going to have her on her knees in front of me and she’s going to swallow my come.

With her other hand she reaches inside my jeans and starts to fondle my balls, rolling their delicate weight in her hands, and I’m completely at her mercy in that moment, the tables have turned.

I can feel my orgasm building fast, I cup the back of her head, gently moving her away as I pull out of her mouth. My cock aching painfully.

“Lie back,” I order, my voice hoarse and raspy in my throat.

She does as I say and I take her wrists and gently pin her arms over her head as I start to kiss along her collarbone while trailing my other hand along those luscious curves, down over her body to her inner thighs. I ease them apart and she opens her legs eagerly, welcoming my touch.

I raise my head and look at her as I cup her pussy, playing gently with her clit with one finger to be rewarded by a rush of her juices. She gasps and her eyes darken with desire.

“I love having you here like this,” I tell her as I continue to play with her. “I love feeling how wet you are, knowing that you want me.”

“I do,” she gasps. “Please don’t stop,” she begs, and hearing her express her need for me like that turns me on.

“Oh, I won’t,” I promise her. “I’m going to be deep inside your body, and I won’t stop until you tell me too.”

Rose lies back, gasping when I let go of her wrists and move down the table. I take her hips and slide her down so she’s nearer the edge of the table, then help her wriggle off her panties. I bend her legs and put them over my shoulders, crouching down so that I’m eye level with her pretty pink pussy.

I tease her, flicking my tongue around her clit and her inner lips, testing her sweet spot, then dipping just the tip in and out of her pussy. I can feel her getting increasingly wet, and the taste and smell of her arousal is driving me insane. I suck gently at her clit while reaching up to squeeze her breasts, looking up her body from between her legs. She looks divine. Like a goddess.

I watch her intently to make sure I’m not hurting her as I carefully slide a finger inside her, moving in and out of her and carefully stretching her. When I think she is ready, I add another. She gasps.

“Is that okay sweetheart?” I check. She nods.

“Yes, it feels amazing,” she moans. Her voice has deepened, and her breath is coming in pants.

Her pussy is opening up to me, unfolding like a flower, and I don’t think I’m going to have any problems with my cock, but even so, I want her to come first.

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