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I bring my mouth to her clit, flicking it harder with my tongue and moving my fingers against the front wall of her pussy to find her most sensitive part. Her clit swells and stiffens under my tongue and I feel her inner thighs start to tremble and I know she’s close. Suddenly Rose grabs my hair and arches her back, moaning loudly.

“Go ahead darlin,” I groan. “Come for me.”

“Yes,” she moans, writhing on the table. I pick up my pace, moving my tongue and fingers in time with each other, until she arches her back again and screams, bucking against me. I hold her hip, continuing as she comes against me, drinking up every last drop of her. When she finally lies back, the shuddering subsiding, I stand up and look down at her, and I know it’s time.

“Are you ready?” I murmur. Smiling, she nods at me.

“Yes,” she says. I pick her up and carry her through the suite to the bedroom and lie her down on the bed.

I’ve never been so ready for anything in my entire life.

Chapter Fourteen


I’m lying on the bed all sweaty and trembling, gazing up at him in wonder.

That was amazing. I had no idea my body could do that.

I watch him with my hands behind my head as he slowly strips, revealing his rock hard body to me again. He’s so beautiful, in a way that is so completely male. His shoulders broad, his cut abs, and those impossibly huge thighs…and of course, that massive cock. Even as wet and open as I am, I’m not sure I will be able to take all of him.

But I’m certainly happy to try.

Naked, he joins me on the bed. Looking down at me with an emotion that I know instinctively is about more than just sex. His lips are swollen from pleasuring me, his hair ruffled, and he looks so sexy I could just lie here and stare at him for hours, revealing in the afterglow. But then as his hands start to stroke my body, my desire ignites and I’m aching for him again. I wonder if I will ever be able to get enough of him.

He positions himself between my legs, rearing up on his forearms, and the wet tip of his cock pushes against my damp folds, seeking its way inside me. He gazes down at me with an unreadable expression in his eyes, and I blink at the intensity of his gaze.

“There’s no going back after this,” he murmurs. “You will be mine Rose.”

I feel a wave of happiness wash over me even as I try to tell myself that he’s just talking in the heat of the moment.

“Yes,” I say, knowing that I mean every word. “Yes, I’m yours.”

Sebastian pushes the tip of his cock inside me then pauses, testing my reaction. I grab at his shoulders, urging him on, and he starts to slide himself inside me. There’s an intense and unfamiliar pressure, but no pain. I lift my legs and curl them around his hips as he starts to move slowly back and forth, and the pressure gives way to delicious waves of pleasure that ride my whole body. I bury my face in his shoulder, moaning with lust.

His hips rock against mine, building up their rhythm, and I move with him, matching his pace. My fingers dig into his back as he nips at the soft skin of my neck.

“You feel so fucking good around my cock,” he groans into my ear. “Your pussy is so wet and tight.” His words send a stab of lust through me and I claw at his shoulders, panting as I feel yet another climax start to build. We thrust in time with each other and my thoughts scatter, so that all I can think about is him and me and the delicious rhythm of our bodies.

“Come again for me,” he demands, and his words alone tip me over the edge just like that. My orgasm breaks over me like a crash of waves against the shore and I scream his name with abandon. It seems to spur him on too as he roars, and his body stiffness and I can feel his cock twitching inside me as he fills me with his seed.

I’m his now.

We lie in each other’s arms afterward, panting, his breath hot against my neck.

This feels so right, so natural, lying here with him like this. I never want to let him go. I can’t let him go. Whatever happens now, I know that he really has made me his.

Sebastian rolls onto his back and takes me with him so I’m lying on his chest. I run my hand through the hair on his chest as he lightly strokes my back.

I’m no longer a virgin, and I really couldn’t ask for anything better. I look up at him.

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