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I’ve been incredibly lucky career wise too. After a couple of years freelancing while the children were small, I landed myself a reporting role in a major broadsheet, reporting on current affairs. Real news, rather than just gossip. Finally, my dream job, and my boss is great, nothing like Adrian. Last I heard he was working on an internet magazine about celebrity pets. Everything works out in the end I suppose.

The elevator pings open and I make my way across the mercifully empty corridor towards Sebastian’s office. Seeing his figure through the frosted glass, I knock on the door and then slip my head round.

“Rose! What’s happened?”

“I heard you needed your office cleaned,” I purr and then step inside, enjoying the look on my husband’s face as he sees the outfit I’ve picked out especially for today.

It’s a maid’s outfit, but nothing like the drab grey dress I wore all those years ago. Made of black satin with white lace, it’s very short, just skimming my ass cheeks, and very low cut, with a bodice that pushes my breasts up and together so that they are all but spilling out of the top. I’ve curled my hair, rouged my lips and added eyelash extensions, and under the dress I’m wearing nothing but a white lace thong. I’ve completed the outfit with fishnet stockings and skyscraper heels, and of course, I’m holding a feather duster, which I now trail tantalizingly up the length of my body while kicking the door shut behind me.

“Happy anniversary, baby,” I murmur. Sebastian shakes his head at me with a mixture of admiration and lust on his face. He crooks a finger at me.

“Come. Here. Now,” he orders. I shake my head innocently.

“It looks a bit dusty over here,” I chirp, and turn towards his bookshelves. I bend over to clean them, exaggerating the curve of my back so that my ass looks full and round as it’s exposed to him. I hear Sebastian growl with desire behind me. I straighten up slowly and walk round to his side of the desk, leaning over him to dust it so that my breasts are temptingly near his face.

“Is there anything else I can do for you, Sir?” I murmur as I turn to face him.

“Yes, there damn well is.” Sebastian pulls me onto his lap, kissing me hungrily. I throw the feather duster aside and instead busy myself with unbuttoning his shirt and loosening his tie. I can feel his cock, rock hard through his trousers, and I deliberately rub against it as I break away from our kiss to whisper in his ear.

“Do you remember that day when you made me come right here? I want you to do it again.”

He groans and stands up, picking me up and placing me on the edge of his desk.

“Whatever you want, wife,” he says and starts to oh-so-slowly unlace my bodice until my breasts are bare above the dress. I gasp as he takes them in his hands and lowers his mouth to them.

Happy anniversary indeed.

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