I make my movements faster and more frantic as I lose myself deeper in my fantasy, picturing Sebastian looking up at me from where he’s kneeling between my legs, his dark eyes gleaming with desire. I breathe his name, then bite my lip as I whimper with my own pleasure. I continue to knead my breasts with my other hand, and it feels as though there’s a direct line of pleasure going from my pussy to my nipples and back again.

I want more, so much more, so I leave my breasts and bring my hand down to join the other, circling my opening and then slide a finger inside myself. I’m so wet now I can feel it on my thighs even with the water running down my body. I circle my hips against my hands and add a second finger, gently stretching my virgin pussy as I try to imagine what Sebastian’s cock would feel like pushing inside my body.

The image sends me over the edge, and I can feel myself approaching a climax as the sensations intensify in my body, causing my insides to contract and release in rapid succession. I moan loudly as I come, my body shivering with wave after wave of pleasure. My body feels like it’s melting, becoming one with the liquid all around me, and finally as it subsides, I lean my hands on the shower wall, panting.

After a few moments I collect myself and finish my shower, wrapping myself in a towel and reaching for the hairdryer. My limbs feel languid and heavy, and I’m satisfied yet somehow also still craving. Craving him. I lie back on my bed, and wonder what to do with my evening. Some of my friends are meeting at a local wine bar but I don’t have the energy to join them, with these extra-early mornings I could use an early night.

I somehow just know I will be dreaming about Sebastian. I wonder what he’s doing and who he’s with…and if he, too, is thinking about me.

Chapter Five


I can’t stop thinking about her.

On the hour long drive out of New York to visit my sister, Rose is on my mind. Just as she was all last night. In fact, visions of her naked and withering beneath me tormented me until I relieved myself, groaning her name under my breath to an empty room.

I don’t know what this is, but I don’t care. I want her, every sweet, sexy inch of her.

It’s always been a rule of mine to never date employees, but she is technically employed by the agency, not me. I’m not breaking any rules or protocols here.

But then it occurs to me that she might be. What would her agency think if she started dating the CEO of their biggest contract? The last thing I want is to be responsible for her losing her job.

But I can make sure that doesn’t happen. Money talks, and I have plenty of it.

I realize that I’m already thinking in terms of dating her, and I smile to myself, surprised at how comfortable I am with the idea. After all, I’m not getting any younger.

And she looks like the kind of woman I could settle down with…the thought of having her in my bed every night makes my insides tighten and my cock twitch. Waking up next to her naked body every morning…I can’t think of anything better.

I have the best of everything that money can buy, and now I’m remembering what it is to want again. To be hungry…but not for food.

Not anymore.

I never tell anyone, because the press would no doubt try to spin some ridiculous rags to riches story out of it, but I grew up pretty poor, with just my mother and twin sister. Dad died overseas in the Army, and the military pension was just about enough to pay the rent, but nothing more. Life was a far cry to what it is now. It was watching my mom work two jobs to keep us fed and clothed that gave me the work ethic I have today. Before she died five years ago I was able to buy her the house in the country she had always wanted and make sure she never needed to work again. She volunteered in her community though, insisting being a lady of leisure wasn’t for her.

Now it’s just me and Penny, my twin. I promised Mom I would look after her.

I pull into the long, tree-lined driveway of Penny’s home, looking forward to seeing her. I couldn’t come last week because she had a cold, and I’ve missed her.

The maid lets me in and leads me to the dining room and seeing the familiar style of uniform immediately makes me think of Rose. I wonder what Penny would make of her.

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