I hear footsteps outside, making me jump, and I quickly put the papers down and turn to dust the shelves as a man enters the room. I’m guessing this is the Operations Manager himself, in a slick, tailored suit and gleaming white teeth. The total opposite of his office.

“Well, hello,” he says, and his eyes traveling over my body in a way that I don’t like at all.

“Good morning, sir,” I say formally and carry on dusting. He just stands there, continuing to look me up and down blatantly, and it’s making me feel really uncomfortable, especially as he’s standing in between me and the door. I was hoping to get into a conversation with him if possible and see if I could suss out any leads for a story, but now I just want to get the hell out of here. He’s making my skin crawl.

“You’re not the usual girl I have? What happened to her? The blonde one with the big tits.”

I gasp, turning on my heel and glaring at him.

“I hardly think that’s appropriate,” I snap, regretting it when he just laughs with amusement.

“My, my, we do have a feisty one. Perhaps you’ll be an improvement. I prefer blondes, but she was getting rather boring.”

I stare at him, but he isn’t even the slightest bit embarrassed or remorseful. The guy is a jerk. How can Sebastian even employ someone like this? I bet he’s a jerk to work with too.

Mike sits behind his desk, barely glancing at me as he pushes a cup across his desk towards me.

“Go and get that cleaned and make me a coffee,” he orders. “A proper one from the kitchen, not that instant shit in the machine”.

Is there a please on the end of that? I think but don’t say out loud. I hate him already but can also instinctively tell that he isn’t a man I want to antagonize. I snatch the coffee cup up and leave the office to do as he says. On the way to the elevator I pass Sebastian’s office. I can just make him out through the frosted glass on his door, and I get the urge to knock on his door so I can see him. Just to say good morning and see that handsome smile he gives me…but that would be silly. Instead I stomp downstairs, seriously contemplating putting salt instead of sugar into Mike’s coffee cup.

I don’t, of course. If I get sacked from this gig empty handed, then Adrian will sack me for real.

On my way back up I walk as slowly as possible past Sebastian’s door, hoping he will spot me and call me in, but he doesn’t, obviously. Why would he? Just because he seems to find me attractive doesn’t mean we’re suddenly friends. Feeling deflated I carry Mike the jerk’s coffee back to his office.

As I place it on his desk in front of him, he leans forward so that his eyes are at the same level as my breasts and makes no attempt to hide the fact that he’s staring at them. I jerk back as though I’ve been stung.

Of course, he doesn’t bother to say thank you.

I clean up as best as I can, trying to pretend that I don’t notice the fact that his eyes are glued to my ass every time that I have to bend over.

“Have a nice day, sir,” I mumble under my breath as I head towards the door, my blood boiling. He calls me back.

“Wait, what’s your name?”

“Rose,” I answer shortly.

“Are you in again tomorrow?”

“I’m not sure.” I fucking hope not.

He winks at me, and my stomach curls. I give him a stiff smile and leave, breathing in as soon as the office door closes behind me. Somehow the air is fresher out here.

This time as I approach Sebastian’s office I see that the door is slightly ajar. Telling myself that I’m only doing it because I need to get close to him for the story, I knock lightly and slip my head round the door. My stomach does a delighted little flip as soon as he looks up and immediately smiles warmly upon seeing it’s me.

“I was just wondering if you needed anything?”

“No, but come in. I missed you when I got here?”

“You weren’t on my rotation today,” I explain. “I did Mike’s office instead.”

I’m trying to sound upbeat, but I can’t help the little shudder in my voice when I mention the guy’s name. Sebastian narrows his eyes at me.

“What’s wrong, did he bother you?”

“Err, no, not really.” Other than being a complete lech.

Sebastian isn’t buying it. “What did he do?”

I shake my head. “Honestly, it was nothing really…he made an inappropriate comment about the previous maid…said she had nice tits. And I didn’t like the way he was looking at me, but that was all.”

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