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I think that it must be because Theo is the first good looking guy that I have ever laid my eyes on in a very long time. I haven’t had this weird fluttery feeling in the pit of my stomach since Luke who I dated in high school. But that was just a crush, puppy love, teenage lust. I thought that was the reason it hadn’t happened again, but now I’m starting to believe that there might be another reason why none of my other dates have worked out. I’ve been missing this.

What a shame that I can’t ever act on it. Not that I’m convinced a man as hot as this would like me back anyway, but I’m too filled up with my work. I don’t have time to act on it. Even if there is a small part of me right now that wants to jump on him. I would love to wrap my legs around him and cling to him forever more…

Especially if he was wearing that uniform. Wow, I bet he looks amazing in that.

“Theo, where the hell do you want this to be put?” A woman appears behind him, shaking her purple dyed hair out behind her. She has one of those show stopping smiles as well. It’s enough to have my self-consciousness flooding to the surface. I have to admit that I haven’t ever considered myself sexy or gorgeous, cute at a push, but this woman is everything that I am not. And of course she looks wonderful beside Theo, like they are meant to be. “Oh, hey.”

“Hi.” Now the intimidation levels are through the roof, I can hardly contain myself. I was just thinking about this woman’s boyfriend in a way that I definitely shouldn’t have been. I wonder if she can see it on my face.

“My name is Natasha. Good to meet you. Esme, did I hear you saying it before? That’s a nice name…”

Oh God, she’s sweet and very likeable as well. Of course she is. Why wouldn’t she be? She has everything else going for her. I can’t really stand being around her to be honest, it’s too much for me. I need to escape.

“Good luck moving in.” I back away, hoping that my smile plays off well. “I have to get to work before my boss starts being even more of an asshole than before. But erm… I’m sure I will see you both around.”

Everything burns as I get in to the car, I feel like my whole body is vibrating and screaming. That was all just too much, as if my morning hasn’t been crazy enough, now I have that on my mind. Oh my God, and now I have to live next door to the hot fire fighter and his girlfriend. That really doesn’t feel fair to me…

“How’s it going?” Delia declares as she takes a seat next to me in the work canteen. She has a very sunny demeanor about her, but I suppose she can really. On the factory line she doesn’t have to deal with Mr. Jones all the time like me. If she did, she would be pale and stressed looking just like I am. “Uh oh, that good huh?”

I shrug, knowing that it must be written across my face. “Yep, pretty much. Things don’t seem to be going well. The massive order from Starks has earned us some complaints and now they might stop dealing with us…”

“Well, the boss only has himself to blame for that. He wants to use cheaper materials. This is what happens when you cut corners. And it can’t be blamed on you anyway, Esme, so why are you taking the brunt of it all?”

Before she can start on another rant about me needing to stand up for myself, which is easier said than done as far as I am concerned, I change the subject to the other thing that I am far more desperate to talk about.

“I have a gorgeous new neighbor, you know.” I giggle, feeling myself blush yet again. I can’t stop going red every time I think about Theo. He just has that effect on me, I can’t explain it. Every blood vessel inside of me reacts. “He’s a fire fighter, I think. He had the uniform and he seems really nice. Shame he has a girlfriend…”

“Aw, I was just going to suggest that you ask him out. You know me too well.” Delia slaps her palm to her forehead. “Do you know his surname? Let’s look him up online so I can see him for myself.”

“Theo Landon. I don’t know if that’s too much of a common name, but let me take a look…”

The words fall apart on my lips when I realize that she has found him already. He’s almost as good looking in his photographs, it takes my breath away just looking at him like that. And he’s definitely a fire fighter because there are pictures of him at work. I know what I am going to spend my evening looking at… wow! My heart pounds, I feel my breath get stuck in my throat, there is a buzzing at my core. I’m a mess already and this man lives beside me.

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