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“Even if I get kicked out of my house?” she giggles nervously. “Because I don’t know if they will let me stay in it not paying any of the bills? That’s the reason I never left that job in the first place even though I should have done.”

“Then you can move in with me,” I laugh. “This house is too big for me on my own anyway. Or I will help you out financially until you get back on your feet. I think that you are so used to doing things on your own, Esme, that you have forgotten you don’t always need to. I am here for you now. No matter what. You are mine and I am yours for as long as you want. Unless you tell me to leave, I won’t go anywhere. Ever.”

The next time that we kiss I can feel our bond deepening even further, our connection growing and sealing us in to a bubble together. Esme curls in next to me, sliding under the blanket with me, and our bodies mold together to become one. This feels right, there is a real perfection to me having Esme in my arms and now that we know we love one another, there aren’t any inhibitions left to hold us back. Everything is amazing.

Chapter 19 – Esme

Our clothes shed, I throw his all around the room not even bothering to look where they land and he does the same to me. The intense and overwhelming passion which has always been between us shows itself as normal, but this time it’s combined with something so much more powerful, so much more satisfying. It’s the love, I know it. His lips tingle more, they leave me far more passion bruised than the last time we were together, and his fingers are electrifying. He leaves a mark, I’m sure of it, everywhere he touches, it might not be a mark that can be seen, but I will feel it always. It’s a burning sensation of love which gently caresses every part of me, even the injured bits…

“Oh my,” I rasp as Theo moves away from me, sliding down my body until his knees hit the floor by the side of the couch. All of a sudden, I’m alone in the little make shift bed that I set up for him, but definitely not by myself.

Theo grabs my legs, he drags me around until I’m facing him, leaving me breathless and just a little bit shocked. Not that he’s going to give me even a moment to process everything that’s going on around me. My thighs are over his shoulders in a heartbeat, I can feel the hot streams of breath as they tickle down my legs towards my core. But just as I think that he might be edging those lips of his closer to me, he stuns me by scissoring me with his fingers. They plunge deep within my wet folds, exploring the depths of me in a way that I wasn’t expecting. The screams that fly out of my body are almost inhuman as he sets me flying free, soaring above the earth.

I cry out Theo’s name, almost as if I’m going to beg him to stop because it’s too damn much for me, but luckily I stop myself at the last moment because I don’t want this feeling to end at all. I love it. Even more so when the intensity notches up another level by his thumb circling and tracing patterns over my incredibly hyper sensitive clit. I fear that I’m going to explode at any given moment, that I can’t handle it anymore. I’m a pressure cooker about to blow and when that happens, well there is no telling what we be left of me afterwards.

“Th… Theo… Theo, I… I can’t take it…” Are my words even getting out? I’m too flushed and crazed to know for sure. But I will keep on trying until I lose myself and I can’t take it any longer. “Theo, I need you…”

I don’t know if he misinterprets my words or if he’s just doing what he wants regardless of what I tell him, but the second that I’m given a breather by his fingers slipping away from me, that moment of gathering myself up is stripped away by Theo devouring me with those beautiful, expert lips of his. He kisses all over my soaking wet slit, leaving me in a frenzy, which is only intensified when his tongue darts out and draws on my clit in the same way that his thumb was only moment ago. His thumb was fucking amazing, but his tongue is off the scale. I flip and arch my back, unable to stop myself from writhing underneath the sheer force of what he’s doing to me.

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