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I bit my lip, deciding to go for it with gusto. I was straddling his prone figure before he could blink, lining my panty-less sex along his soft shorts.

His eyes flew open wide in shock, staring at my exposed breasts as though he didn’t have a clue what they were. I was unbelievably gratified when I felt him growing hard against me. Instinctively, I started to rub myself against him, finding the material of his shorts to be soft against my bare skin.

I was a virgin. In fact, I’d never even kissed a guy, since Akira wouldn’t kiss me. But I had a filthy mind and a filthy mouth, and I’d learned all I’d thought there was to know on the internet. It was one of my favorite pastimes lately, finding some new and shocking thing on the internet, then using it to shock Akira. His face turned purple sometimes, when I disturbed him enough with my latest findings. I would get a thirty-minute lecture after that, but it was always worth it. I’d always liked even his sternest lectures.

I moaned as he just kept growing against me. I could tell he was big, even without looking. He felt massive and hard as a rock as I moved my sex against him, arching my back to rub him on a spot that felt particularly divine. He just watched me, looking like a deer in headlights. I reached into the elastic waistband of his shorts, gripping him with my hand, and he gasped. I made a little sound of pleasure in my throat. I loved the feel of him so much. He was so hard, but the skin on his cock was so smooth, like velvet. I shoved his shorts down, using my hand to rub his now bare erection along my slick passage.

That got a reaction, and he sat up, pushing me off his lap. I sprawled out on the floor, a little stunned. It had knocked the wind out of me. Akira cursed, then apologized, but made no move to help me up. He looked like he was almost afraid of me. He sat watching me, his elbows on his knees now, shorts again covering his magnificent erection.

I propped myself up on my elbows, my breasts jutting forward. I drew up my knees, parting them a little so that he could see my sex clearly. “I know what I want for my birthday now,” I told him. I began to touch my sex as I spoke, looking down at the wet folds as I did so.

“No,” he said, obviously reading my intent. “We can’t do that, Lana. It’s completely inappropriate.”

I pouted at him. “You didn’t even let me finish. Don’t you want to hear what I was going to say?”

He shook his head, his jaw clenched. Stubborn man.

I looked down again at myself as I pushed a finger inside. “Do you think my pussy is pretty, Akira?” I asked, wanting to shock him and turn him on with the crude language. “I know men are supposed to love them, but I don’t think mine’s very cute. Do you think it is?”

His face looked in danger of turning purple, but he couldn’t seem to look away from what I was doing with my hand.

I stood, shrugging out of my shirt. It hadn’t been covering anything anyway. “I was going to say, before you rudely interrupted me, that I wanted you to kiss me. Just a kiss. I want you to be my first.”

I approached him as I spoke, and he sat up straight to watch me. I walked until I bumped into his chest, my legs straddling one of his. My breasts were dangerously close to his face. I brushed them against him, once, twice. “Will you be my first kiss, Akira?” I whispered.

He didn’t answer. I straddled his legs, my knees digging into his soft couch. I tightened them on his hips as I leaned forward to kiss him.

I grabbed his hair as I did so, and he didn’t stop me, still frozen in place. I rubbed against him like a kitten, groaning, and he finally reacted, gripping my hair and kissing me back. He tasted divine, and his mean lips were so soft against mine. I felt such an aching emptiness at my core, and I wanted so badly for him to be inside of me, to fill that emptiness. I rubbed my sex against his hard length until we both moaned.

The kiss went on and on, and I was more than ready for the next step when I finally pulled back. “Thank you,” I told him, panting. “That was exactly how I dreamed my first kiss would be. Now I want you to make love to me.” As I spoke, I brought his hands up to my aching breasts, and he kneaded at the pliant flesh, his eyes intense. I loved watching his dark hands against my skin, the contrast so beautiful to me.

Abruptly, his hands left me, and he pushed me back up to my feet with hard hands on my hips. “We can’t do this, Lana. This is wrong,” he told me, his voice harsh and labored.

I propped my foot up beside his hip, giving him a hell of a view in my micro-mini skirt. I gripped one of his hands, slipping it between my legs to touch me. He didn’t resist me, immediately beginning to touch me just how I craved, his fingers skillful in their soft exploration. “I’m eighteen today, Akira. There’s no reason why you can’t take me now.”

He had a hard finger pushed inside of me, just the tip, as he spoke in a breathless voice. “There are a million reasons, the first of which is that you deserve better than me, Lana. You’re made of too fine of stuff for the likes of me. And I respect your father. He’s trusted me to spend countless hours with you, over the years. I’m positive that he wouldn’t approve of me doing this with you.”

As he spoke, I wiggled against his big finger, ignoring all of those reasons out of hand. They were ridiculous, to me. I was an adult today, and I would do what I wanted. I pushed down on his finger, and he worked it deeper, groaning as he did so. “You’re too tight, Lana. I would hurt you.”

He pulled his shorts down, exposing his engorged member. “Look at it, Lana. I’m too big to take a virgin. Especially a tiny little thing like you.”

I thought his description of me was ludicrous. I was thin, but saw myself as tall and gawky, by no means tiny. But I did kind of like him thinking of me that way.

Despite all of his protests, he was still working that wonderful finger into me, deeper and deeper, until he reached a barrier. He tested it, rather thoroughly, before he seemed to understand what it was. He cursed fluently, but didn’t remove that thick finger. “That’s your fucking hymen,” he said, his eyelids heavy.

I leaned my breasts into his face, rubbing a hard nipple against those soft, mean lips. He took it into his mouth, sucking on it with a sexy groan. “Pleasure me, Akira. Please. I want you to make me come. You can do it with just your fingers and your mouth, right? Would that gross you out, to use your mouth on my pussy? Do you think it’s ugly?”

He made a hot little noise of protest, his finger moving inside of me, working in and out of me in tiny little strokes. “No, baby, your pussy is so fucking pretty. I would love to get my mouth on you. It’s the prettiest fucking thing I’ve ever seen.”

I wanted to giggle at the ridiculous thing I’d gotten him to say, but my breath caught in my throat. I still loved to tease him, even while we were doing this.

I gripped his hair as he suckled at my breasts. “What about my breasts? Do you think my breasts are pretty?”

He moaned. “Baby, every inch of you is impossibly gorgeous, and I know you know it, you little minx.”

“I don’t know it unless you tell me, Akira. I’ve only ever cared what you think. I don’t care about anybody else.”

“Well, you’re beautiful, Lana. Painfully so.” He stroked me with that finger, bringing his other hand to my sex and rubbing circles on just the perfect little spot. So that’s my clit, I thought as my gaze started to go fuzzy with the pleasure of it. His fingers were doing just the perfect things, and he brought me to the sweetest climax. I panted his name softly.

He had me on my back on the couch, his face buried between my legs before I even knew his intent. I nearly screamed in shock at the pleasure of it. He licked and sucked and used those wonderful hands to bring me to another mind-blowing orgasm.

After that, he worked on me slowly, kissing and licking and stroking all over my body, finally coming up to my mouth for a long kiss. I groaned as I tasted myself in his mouth. “I need you inside of me, Akira,” I said, when he finally pulled back.

He shook his head, his mouth tight, his eyes pained. “I’m a bastard for doing this much, Lana. I don’t deserve to lay even a finger on your perfect skin.”

I reached down, gripping his impressive length and working him free of of his shorts. Our eyes were locked as I spoke. “I’m eighteen, and I’m determined that I don’t want to be a virgin anymore. I went on the pill two months ago. Would you rather it be you to take my virginity, or do you want me to give it to some jerk I meet at college? Maybe I’ll give it up at a frat party. Would you prefer that, or would you rather bury this beautiful cock inside of me tonight. I’ll let you pick.”

He groaned, and I knew instantly which option he’d chosen. He held my thighs wide apart with his hands, lining himself up at my entrance, his eyes intense and hungry. “Last chance to change your mind, Lana,” he said on a gasp.

I reached down to stroke him, trying to tug him inside of me. He began to push in with a harsh groan. He worked himself in agonizingly slowly, inch by hard inch, feeding that magnificent length into me with his hand. He stopped when he’d reached that barrier. His breathing was ragged. “This is going to hurt. I’m sorry; it’s unavoidable. I need to rip this barrier. It will only hurt like this the first time, okay?”

I just nodded, wanting him deeper inside of me, no matter the pain. He propped himself on both elbows above me, tensing his entire body in preparation. He thrust in hard, sinking to the hilt with the force. He shuddered as he paused inside of me, waiting for me to get used to the fullness. It had hurt a lot, but it still felt good, too. I was so achy and needy for him, and had wanted this for so long, that the pain seemed like a little thing when compared to the joy I felt at finally having him inside of me. He brought a hand between us, circling my clit with his thumb. I began to writhe.

“You’re so fucking tight that I’m going to embarrass myself, baby. I want you with me when I come,” he whispered. His sexy words, combined with all of the wonderful things he was doing to me, made me pant with my building orgasm.

He began to thrust, big, heavy thrusts that went on and on, his finger still working on me. He kept going until I began to clench around him with another glorious orgasm. “Yes,” he grunted as he began to shudder and come himself. “Oh, yes, Lana.”

After we’d recovered, he carried me up to his bed, tending to me and holding me. We spent the night together, and it was the best night of my life. He made love to me, over and over again, worshipping my body with his. The spell wasn’t broken until morning, when he was thrusting inside of me yet again. He had used me so thoroughly that I was deliciously sore, each movement reminding me of how much he’d enjoyed my body. He brought me to climax first, before he let himself go.

“I love you, Akira,” I said to him as he lay on top of me when we’d finished. My voice was quiet, but sure. “I always have, and I always will. I want to be with you forever. I don’t want anyone else.”

He stiffened at my words, immediately taking his weight off me and sitting up on the side of the bed, his back to me, his legs on the floor. “That’s not possible, Lana,” he said, his tone very final.

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