The feeling of her ownership has me thrusting up inside her and cumming again. This orgasm is hard and fast and she bears down on me as I fill her up, giving her everything I can. Wanting to make my mate happy. To be as perfect for her as she is for me.

Once every drop of cum has been released from my cock into her warm body, she begins to move up and down, milking my cock. She leans forward and bites my chest, and that’s all it takes for me to cum in her yet again. She’s marking me, and my wolf is howling with delight. Each time she makes me hers, I cum inside her a little more. There’s so much cum it’s running down between us, but my cock hasn’t faltered. It only wants more.

She traces her tongue up my chest and runs her hands through my long hair, gripping a handful of it tightly. “More,” she moans in my ear as she rides me harder and pulses around my cock, her blonde hair falling all around us in silken waves.

I will always give my mate whatever she asks for. I have a need to please her, to make her smile at me again, and I thrust, coating the inside of her womb with my cum. I grunt out my release, feeling her squeeze me with her own climax, and pride fills my chest because I’m giving her what she needs. The pleasure that washes over her face is better than anything I’ve ever seen. It’s breathtaking.

I sit up so she’s still straddling my cock, and I scoot to the edge of the bed. She wraps her body tightly around me as I put my feet on the floor. I want to beat my chest at how she’s latching on to me, not wanting to let go of me. Standing, I keep our intimate connection and walk her to the wall, pushing her back up against it. I grab her wrists and pin them above her head. I’m strong enough to hold her with one arm while I claim her against the wall.

Thrusting hard, I lean in and press my teeth against her throat and feel her growl softly, but she bares her neck to me. Her wolf is submitting and loving my aggression. She loves the attention and my petting her as I take her harder and harder against the wall. If I could fuck her through the wall, I think I would. I want to be as far inside her as possible with not a millimeter of space between us.

I sit back and look into her glowing blue eyes, keeping her pinned to the wall as I breed her. I want to tell her that I love her. That I’ve loved her from the moment I laid eyes on her, and my wolf knew it before I did. My soul recognized hers as mine, and even though she wasn’t of age, my wolf knew what was coming. We’ve pined for her all these years, and finally she’s ours.

“It was always you.” Her eyes widen at my words, and it’s as if something clicks into place. I see it on her face the moment she finally remembers, and I cling to her. “It was always you, my love.”

Chapter Eight


“You left me.” It all comes flooding back to me now, and I know why he seemed so familiar. How my brother seemed to know him and I didn’t. For some reason, it cuts deep and knocks the wind right out of me. Why does this hurt so much?

He diverts his eyes and sorrow shows clear on his face. A face that doesn’t look like it did years ago.

“Put me down, Xavier.” His eyes flash back to mine, and I see an inner battle play out. His shoulders slump forward a little. I don’t like this. I want the man who was here moments ago. He reluctantly puts me down, placing my feet on the floor, then takes a step back from me.

I reach out and snatch his wrist and growl. I’m upset, but my wolf is remembering that he once left us, and she won’t allow that to happen again. She’s taking over even if it still stings that he did it.

Pulling him by the wrist, I make my way to the bed. He doesn’t fight me, coming easily with me. I motion for him to sit and he does. It makes me smile. I love how he’s so willing to do what I ask. Some male wolves aren’t like that, but I don’t think my mate worries about who’s really alpha between us, because he clearly is. He seems to be more interested in making me happy.

When he sits, I climb onto his lap and fight the urge to slide him inside me once again. Some of the need has lessened, but I know it will be back soon and will only grow with each day until the full moon. I’m not sure how it’s going to be possible because I already feel utterly consumed. I’m not sure there’ll be anything left of us if we have to go at it for days.

He still shies away from looking at me, and I grab his face in my hands to make him look right into my eyes. A flash of his wolf comes through, and the hunger for me is there before he pulls it back and tries to look away.

“You said you’d always watch me,” I remind him, and I think back to when he used to watch me. It makes so much sense now. How I always felt so protected when he was near. The draw I felt towards him was something I’d never had for another person. Then he was gone, leaving an ache inside me.

Now he’s back. He’s my mate, and I only see traces of the man who was there before. I rub my thumbs along his prominent cheekbones, and now more than ever it’s clear he’s been in the wild. What caused him to leave me all those years ago? Sure, we didn’t know we were mates; we couldn’t have. I was too young and wouldn’t have come of age until I was eighteen.

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