When I move my shoulders between her thighs, I check to make sure she’s still sleeping. Then I look back down to her pussy and see her fully on display for the first time.

“So pretty,” I whisper, and inhale her scent. She smells so good, my mouth starts watering. She’s all pink and covered in sweetness, with just a tiny patch of short blond curls above. Her pink clit is peeking out between her little folds, and I have the urge to kiss it. My mate loves it when I put my mouth on her, so I think she’ll like it if I do it down here, too. I want to give her all the pleasure I can, and I feel like this is one way I can do that.

I close my eyes and inhale again. Her scent calls to me, and being this close to her pussy has me aching. I need to taste it. She still smells just like roses, only it’s different now. There’s something deeper that makes her smell like home, too.

Opening my eyes, I lean forward, placing a small kiss on her. As soon as my lips touch her warm wet skin, my wolf growls. He wants more. Leaning closer, I settle between her open legs and open my mouth, licking her in one long stroke. Her sweetness hits my tongue and I’m instantly addicted. I start licking more and sucking her pussy lips into my mouth one at a time. I can smell my scent mixing with hers, and I taste a little of us mixed together on her. The flavor of my branding on her body excites me. I begin to suck on her, trying to get more of the flavor in my mouth. I want to devour her sweet juices like a plum. Her sugary flesh brings me nourishment.

I feel her body start to move under me, and I quickly hold her thighs down, not wanting her to try and close them. I hope I’m not doing it wrong, because I don’t want to stop yet.

She grips my hair tightly, and I growl against her pussy. “Mine.”

“Don’t stop, love. I’m so close,” Gwen moans, and raises her hips for me to continue.

Seeing that she likes what I’m doing, I go back to kissing and sucking. I want more of her, so I bring my fingers up, pushing inside her warmth while I drink her sweetness. My cock is envious of my hand and wants inside her body again. I keep trying to tell my wolf to be patient. We’ve got our mate and we’ll never be separated from her. We have our whole life to mate, but he’s not listening.

He begins to whine as Gwen gets closer to the edge. I’m attuned to her body, and her breathing and heartbeat tell me she’s close.

I open my mouth over her clit and suck. Her back bows off the bed, and as just the edge of my teeth nibble on it, she lets out her release and cums in my mouth.

“Xavier!” She shouts my name so loudly it echoes through the cabin. My mate is calling to me, and I break away from her pussy to bite the inside of her thigh. Her creamy flesh yields to my sharp teeth, and I taste the metallic bite of her blood as she continues to cum and call my name. My saliva penetrates her as I lick the wound, sealing my scent inside her. There will always be a scar there where I’ve marked her as mine. No one will ever dare to see it, but I’ll know it’s there. She’ll be imprinted with the symbol of my ownership until the end of time.

The thought makes my wolf howl, and I move up her body in one fluid motion. I’m inside her and thrusting hard before she can reach the end of her orgasm. Her pussy is already clenching around my cock and asking for more. I pump inside her only twice before I’m emptying myself in her tight channel. My cum leaves me quickly, wanting to breed her womb as soon as possible.

Marking her body makes my heat increase, and I keep thrusting through my orgasm, already building to another.

I sit back and grab her hips, pulling just the lower half of her body up. I pull her against me with each thrust, going as deep as I can. My teeth are still aching to mark her, so I reach back with one hand grabbing her ankle. I throw her leg over my shoulder, and turn my head to her calf, biting her there.

Gwen lets out a growl of desire as her pussy clenches around my cock. All of the sensations are too much, and I start cumming again. Between marking her, the smell of her pussy on my face, and her warmth around my cock, I can’t hold back. She follows me into paradise, both of us cumming at the same time.

I fall onto the bed and flip her so she lands on top of me as we both gasp for air.

“I had no idea it would be like this.” Her words are breathless and fill my chest with pride.

“I’ll wake you up this way every morning.” I want to give her anything she could ever want. She cuddles her face into my neck and starts to giggle.

“What’s so funny?” I ask, because I want to make sure that whatever is making her laugh, I do it more. The sound is sweet and fills me with warmth when she does it.

“You need a trim. Your beard is tickling me.”

“Why would I trim it if it makes you giggle?” I ask in confusion.

She runs her fingers through my beard, and I crane my neck to give her better access. The feeling is incredible.

“Just a little trim,” she whispers into my ear as she rubs me more. She can put me in a pink dress if she keeps touching me like this. Her voice is hypnotic and I don’t give a fuck about anything other than what she wants. I’m already baring my neck to her.

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