Dante didn’t say anything, didn’t even bridge the distance between us, only gazed at me with his unreadable eyes. I decided to take my exit before I said something sentimental, or before Dante could send me out. Dante didn’t stop me, but I could feel his eyes on my back.CHAPTER ELEVENAfter a dinner of almost silence, except for the few snippets of conversation about my visit to the casino tomorrow, Dante had returned into his office and I had gone to the library as was becoming habit. Instead of choosing the Russian textbook, I decided to read one of the books on gambling and casinos that crowded the shelves but was distracted by the sound of male voices through the walls. They didn’t sound like Enzo and Taft, so I assumed Dante was having a meeting with other members of the Outfit.

When I went to bed hours later, the halls were dark and Dante was still in his office. I guessed that meant another late night. Would Dante really make me ask for a second time of sex?


Much later, I was woken by a hand on my hip. My eyes shot open but I stared into near blackness. The curtains were drawn and allowed only a sliver of moonlight to penetrate the room. My gaze found the pale glow of the alarm clock on the nightstand. It was almost midnight. I had been asleep for less than one hour. What was wrong?

I realized Dante was pressed up against my back, his fingers stroking my hip. “Dante?” I whispered, twisting my head to peer over my shoulder, but his face was covered by shadows. He was close though. His breath fanned over my shoulder, raising the little hairs on my arms. “What’s the--”

He silenced me with a fierce kiss that made me gasp. He didn’t hesitate; his tongue claimed my mouth. I tried to roll over so I was facing his way, but Dante’s firm chest against my back and his tight grip on my hip kept me immobilized. His kiss sent waves of arousal down my center but eventually I pulled back to draw in a deep breath. He pressed his erection against my butt. I exhaled audibly. “Tell me you’re not sore,” he rumbled against my shoulder before he bit down lightly.

I trembled. “Not sore,” was all I managed, and it wasn’t even the truth, but I’d be damned if I stopped Dante from having his way with me.

“Good,” Dante growled before licking my throat. “Tell me to stop, or I won’t.”

I whimpered only in response because Dante had dug his cock into my butt again. I couldn’t wait to get out of my clothes and really feel him against me. I shoved my ass back for additional friction but again Dante’s hand on my hip stopped me. “No.”

“Dante, I really want to--”

His lips swallowed my words again and his fingers tightened in warning. “I want you to be silent now unless you want to tell me to stop.” He nibbled my neck. “You do what I tell you, Valentina, or you tell me to stop. There are only these two options.”

I nodded, and he must have felt it because he couldn’t possibly have seen it in the dark. I was glad Dante didn’t know how turned on I was by his commanding tone.

“Very good,” he said quietly. “You’re still going to be very tight today; that’s why we’re going to go slow and take our time making you really wet.”

I couldn’t believe the same restrained and cold Dante I knew by day was saying those things to me. I wanted to ask him why he’d changed his mind. Did one time make such a difference? Maybe he’d accepted that I knew what I wanted. “I want you to undress now.”

There was only an instant of disappointment that Dante wasn’t going to do it himself but then excitement drowned it out. He released my hip and I quickly sat up and tugged my nightgown over my head, then slid down my panties. I could feel Dante’s eyes on me. I turned to him, wondering if I was supposed to give him some sort of sign and that idea almost made me giggle, but then the bed shifted and I could see Dante getting out of bed and start to undress Everything was in shadows but I could make out his impressive hard-on. “Sit on the edge of the bed.”

I scooted over to his side of the bed and perched on the edge, nervous and curious and excited, and almost bursting with lust. Dante moved closer until he stood in front of me, his erection on eyelevel with me. I gasped before I could swallow the sound, realizing what he wanted to do. Bibiana’s advice shot through my mind but I wasn’t sure if Dante wanted me to act on my own accord. He cupped my cheek, his palm warm and slightly rough against my skin. “How far have you gone before me?”

I hesitated a moment, but I supposed he wanted me to answer, so I said, “I kissed Antonio a few times and he touched my breasts a few times, but that’s all I’ve ever done before you.”

Silence filled the dark room. My heartbeat accelerated, the thud-thud becoming seemingly louder by the second. I could hear Dante’s rhythmic breathing, no sign that he was sexually aroused; except for the proof straining to attention before my face. “I want you to suck my cock, Valentina.”

His thumb brushed my lips, then slipped between them, parting them slightly. He waited, and I nudged his thumb with my finger before sucking on it lightly, hoping he’d take it as the confirmation that it was. He moved even closer until his tip grazed my lips. Dante’s thumb stroked my chin, his palm still cupping my cheek. “Lick around the tip.” I darted my tongue out and trailed it around his head. Dante’s breathing hitched but that was the only sign that my actions had an effect on him. “Now lick up to the top and dip your tongue into the slit.”

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