I followed his orders and was rewarded by the quickening of Dante’s breathing. His thumb on my chin tightened. “Open your mouth.” I parted my lips without hesitation. I was glad for Dante’s orders. That way at least I wasn’t left to fumble around and embarrass myself. He slid the head of his cock into my mouth, so it rested lightly on my tongue. “Close your lips around me and suck lightly.”

I did as he said and he stroked my chin, then trailed his thumb up until it brushed the spot where his cock disappeared between my lips. “I like my cock in your mouth,” he said in a low voice. “And I love that it’s the only cock you’ve ever sucked.” He slid deeper into my mouth, but still not very far. “Let’s see how much of me you can take.” He eased himself into me inch by inch until he hit the back of my throat and I gagged. I reached out for his erection. There were still a couple of inches of him that I couldn’t fit into my mouth. Dante pulled back slightly, then thrust a few times into me, his palm on my face keeping me steady. “With some practice maybe you can take all of me into your mouth, but for now this is enough.” I quivered with arousal. Could someone come from giving someone else a blowjob?

Dante withdrew his erection from my mouth and stroked my lips with his thumb again. “Lie back.” I let myself fall back on the mattress. Dante knelt down and wedged his hands between my knees, then pushed my legs as far apart as they would go. “Put your heels on the edge of the bed.”

God, I knew what he was going to do. I’d read so many things about it, but I couldn’t even imagine how it would feel.

I was glad for the dark. That way I didn’t feel quite so exposed. He eased his palms under my butt and lifted me slightly. I stopped breathing when I felt his warm breath on my wet folds. Dante licked around my outer lips slowly. I bucked my hips but Dante ignored my silent pleading and kept up his torturous teasing. “Dante,” I said pleadingly.

He squeezed my butt and pulled back. “No.”

I pressed my lips together and then finally he trailed his tongue along me slit in one long stroke. I moaned, not caring if that counted as speaking or not. He alternated between quick and light strokes, and firm but slow licks until I was panting and on the verge of climax. My hands shot out and buried in Dante’s hair, wanting to press him tighter against me. Dante resisted. His thumbs trailed up my folds and parted them. With the tip of his tongue he lightly circled my clit until I started shaking, seconds away from tumbling over the edge. He sat back without warning. It took all my self-control to stay silent.

“Turn around and get on your knees.”

My eyes grew wide with surprise, but I rolled over and knelt on the bed.

“Lower yourself to your elbows.”

I did. Now my butt was raised into the air. The position felt strange, and even more exposing than the one before. Dante nudged my legs apart until I could feel the cold air on my opening from behind, and then his lips were back on my center. I cried out with pleasure as Dante dipped his tongue into me and started fucking me at a leisurely pace. I could feel every move of him in me, the slight roughness of his tongue, the way he curled the tip when he was deep in me. I dropped my face into the sheets to stop more embarrassing noises from escaping my lips, but when Dante slipped a hand around my front and began teasing my clit with his fingers, even the sheets couldn’t stifle my moans and gasps. I jutted out my butt even more, my fingers scratching over the mattress as my orgasm exploded outward from my core, numbing and heightening my senses seemingly at the same time. I sucked in ragged breaths. My skin was damp with perspiration and my heart was beating frantically in my chest. I lifted my head to breathe more easily.

Dante was gone from behind me but before I could glimpse over my shoulder to see what he was doing, his fingers grasped my hips and pulled me closer to the edge of the bed. Then his erection pushed against my entrance and my body seized up with surprise and nerves.

I’d read that doggy-style allowed men to go deeper than in other positions. I was still slightly sore, and the lack of intimacy this position allowed, made it even less desirable for me. I wanted Dante’s chest pressed against mine.

Dante stilled behind me, not trying to enter me. His hands slid to my butt and massaged it gently. I relaxed slightly but was still tight. I could feel how clamped up my inner muscles were. Dante bent over me and wrapped an arm around my waist before he pulled me up against his chest. I was still kneeling but now my upper body was upright and Dante held me in his arms. He snuck one hand between my legs and started teasing me again while the other found my breasts and kneaded them lightly. I hung my head back against his shoulder, my breathing slowing. I was still tense but in Dante’s embrace, I could slowly feel my muscles softening. Dante leaned forward with me a bit and guided his tip to my opening. I still clamped up, but not as badly as before. “What’s the problem?” he murmured against my ear. He didn’t sound impatient or frustrated, merely curious.

Embarrassment twisted my stomach. My seduction skills were obviously lacking, if I couldn’t even do it doggy-style for my husband. “I don’t know,” I admitted quietly. “Can’t you just push in?”

“Of course I can, but you’re tight anyway and as tense as you’re now, it’ll be painful.” His voice was calm, neutral even, no hint to what he was thinking about my suggestion. Dante’s fingers were still between my legs, stroking and pinching lightly.

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