“No, of course not. But you are a man. It’s different for women.”

Dante lightly stroked my scar. “This makes you even more beautiful to me because I know why you have it.”

I put my hands on his shoulders, soaking his shirt, but Dante didn’t seem to mind. His eyes kept roaming over my body. I leaned forward and kissed him. “I need you, Dante. I need you so much.”

Dante’s eyes flashed with desire. “Are you sure? Have you recovered enough? I don’t want to hurt you.” My heart pounded with love for him. It meant a lot that he asked me when I could tell how much he wanted to throw me on the bed and have me. One of his hands had already found its way to my butt, stroking the globes in a gentle but very distracting way.

“You won’t,” I said. “As long as we take it slow, we should be okay.” The last thing I wanted to do was take things slow. I wanted to rip off Dante’s clothes, lick every inch of his skin and have him slam into me over and over again.

Dante didn’t say anything, but he helped me out of the tub and wrapped me into a fluffy bathrobe. He massaged me through the thick fabric until my skin was dry and my breathing was coming in quick puffs. Dante lifted me into his arms and carried me toward the bedroom where he lowered me on the bed. My toes curled in anticipation as he looked down at me. He slowly crawled on the bed and reached for the belt holding my bathrobe closed. With a tug it came apart, laying me bare to his eyes. “So beautiful,” he said roughly. “I missed your taste.”

His words alone made arousal pool between my legs and I bucked my hips in silent invitation. A smirk curled his lips before he lowered his head and kissed my breasts, first the left then the right before he kissed his way down to my stomach. I stiffened when his lips brushed my scar, not because it hurt, but Dante didn’t retreat. My flinching seemed to make him even more determined to pay special attention to this part of my body. His eyes flitted up to me as he pressed another kiss against the scar. His eyes were unrelenting until my muscles finally loosened under his lips. After another quick kiss, he moved lower, pushed my legs farther apart and then dipped his tongue between my folds. I cried out, already so close to the edge that I could feel my leg muscles tense in anticipation. After a few more strokes and gentle nibs, my release gripped me. “Dante!” I shoved my fingers into his hair, holding him against me as I succumbed to the pleasure he was giving me. Dante lifted his face and pressed a kiss against my inner thigh before sitting up. I did the same, my hands going for his vest, pushing it down his shoulders before moving on to unbuttoning his shirt with shaking hands.

“Get up,” I ordered in a breathless whisper. Dante complied, a surprised twinkle in his eyes. I half tore his pants down his legs, letting his hard length spring free. I peered up at Dante as I took him into my mouth, tasting the salty pre-cum on the back of my tongue as he slid to the back of my throat. Dante groaned. He glided in and out of my mouth a few times before he took a step back, out of my reach. “As good as that feels, I’m going to come if you keep it up. You don’t know how much I fucking want you.”

Dante held out his hand and I took it without hesitation, letting him pull me to my feet. Dante pushed the bathrobe off my shoulders; it pooled at my feet, and then I was already in Dante’s arm, pressed up against his firm, warm body. He moved us back until the back of my legs hit the bed and I fell down onto the soft mattress. Dante lowered himself beside me. My brows scrunched together in confusion as he turned me on my side. “What are you doing?”

He slid up behind me, pressing his chest against my back, his erection digging against my thigh. “We’re going to try a new position. It’ll make things easier for you, and my weight won’t rest on you.”

“Okay,” I said, my voice shaky with excitement.

“Your pill is already working?”

I nodded quickly.

Dante nuzzled my neck as his hand traveled over my breast, then trailed down my stomach until it slipped between my legs. He dipped one finger, then a second into me, making me moan.

“You’re ready,” Dante growled. I was more than ready. I needed him desperately. My entire body ached for him. Dante moved his hand along my inner thigh before hooking his palm under my knee and lifting my leg until my foot was flat on the bed and my legs opened in a wide V. He pulled me even tighter against his body, spooning me, and guided his erection toward my opening. He slowly eased his tip into me and I squeezed my eyes shut at the stretching feeling. Dante’s palm cupped my breast as his lips kissed the spot beneath my ear and pushed inch by inch into me. My breath caught in my throat when he filled me to the brim. He let out a harsh breath. “God, you’re so tight, Val.”

It had been too long and my tight channel had to get used to his size again. Dante paused, our bodies merged together, his cock stretching me. He stroked my side and stomach. “Are you alright?”

I glimpsed over my shoulder at him, then claimed his lips for a kiss before pulling back and whispering. “I missed this.” Dante trailed his fingers down to my folds and gently started drawing circles on my sensitive nub. “Please move,” I half begged in between moans. And Dante did. He eased almost all the way out before sliding back in. When my inner muscles relaxed he settled into a slow, delicious rhythm. It felt like we were one as we moved against each other. Our breathing quickened and so did Dante’s thrusting but he kept me in his embrace, his lips nibbling on my throat. I wasn’t sure how long we made love like that, the pleasure slowly building until I dug my toes into the mattress, desperate for release, and when it finally claimed me, my clenching muscles took Dante right with me and he spilled into me with a hoarse cry.

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