Her brows rose, and she looked...impressed, rather than pissed. “Wow, did you analyze my purchases or receipts and do some fancy figuring that brought you to that conclusion?”

I bit into my sandwich and nodded, then I waved a hand toward her food. She finally dug in and thankfully fell quiet. I was satisfied when she ate every bite and asked her if she wanted me to have one of the guys go out and bring her something more. I wanted to make sure she was well fed, but it was a relief when she shook her head and patted her flat belly. While she was eating, she had a tendency to moan in appreciation as she wrapped her lips around the fork—lucky bastard—and closed her eyes with an expression of bliss. Every single time, I’d had to fight not to grab her, toss her on the bed, and find out if that was how she sounded when she came.

I gathered up our trash and stuffed it in the plastic bag I’d used to bring the food to the hotel. Her jeans were in a pile on the floor by the nightstand, and I quickly grabbed them and held them out to her. She flushed again, and I found I really liked it when she did that. It was cute and sexy all at once. It made me want to kiss her all over and find out just how far down that pink hue went.

Paisley jumped up from the table and darted to the bathroom, making me laugh once again. I packed all of the garbage into the small trash bin, then leaned my hip against the dresser and folded my arms across my chest while I waited for her to reappear.

The toilet flushed, and the sink turned on, then she came out with a curious lift to her brow and her lips pursed. “It’s all in your room?” she asked slowly. I nodded, sure she was referring to her bags and toiletries. “You just”—she held her hands out to the sides—“moved me in with you?”

I smiled and walked toward her, letting her see the burning desire in my eyes. “You’ll be staying in my room, baby. Moving you in with me will happen soon.” I pinched her chin between my thumb and forefinger, lifting her face up to mine. “Real fucking soon.”

Dipping my head down, I covered her mouth with mine. The kiss got out of hand real fast, and in the blink of an eye, she had her legs wrapped around my waist and was pressed up against the wall. It was a fucking miracle I was able to slow it down and back off. But we needed to get back to the room and get ready for the day. We had shit to do.

I took her hand and led her across the room. She tugged on my arm, and I halted, turning around to see what she needed. “Yeah, baby?”

“I need to check out.” She gestured to the television, where they had an automated checkout system.

“Taken care of,” I mumbled as I trekked to the door and pulled it open.

“But…but…” Paisley stuttered as she tugged on my arm again. “I have to pay you back. Hey, how did you even know what name to give?”

I sighed and pivoted around, scooped her into my arms, and resumed walking to the elevator. “Research,” I grunted. That seemed to mollify her because she didn’t respond.

When we reached my room, the door was open, and I growled in annoyance at the sight of my brothers lounging around the space as though they owned it. I narrowed my eyes at Link, since he, of all people, should understand that I wanted some time alone with my woman. He grinned in reply, and I mouthed, “Fuck you,” which only made him laugh.

I set Paisley on her feet and pointed at the corner where I’d stowed her bags. “Why don’t you grab some stuff and go relax in a bath, baby,” I suggested softly. “I’ll get the riffraff out.”

She giggled and nodded, then padded over to one of her suitcases and tipped it down so she could unzip it. I spotted Dax’s eyes on her ass and punched him on the arm in the perfect spot to make it numb and useless. “Eyes to yourself, motherfucker,” I growled.

He winced but didn’t say anything. He deserved it, and he knew it.

“Hack?” Paisley drew my gaze to where she was digging through a pile of clothes.

“Yeah, baby?”

“I can’t find my necklace.”

“The one with the purple butterfly?” I asked.

“Yes.” She began tossing everything behind her, and her expression was becoming more worried. “It was my mom’s and—”

“Calm down, baby,” I soothed as I marched over to her and crouched down to pull her into my arms. “You’ve worn it so many times that I knew it was important, so I found it in your suitcase and stowed it in the safe.”

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