“I’m well past the edge of my control, baby.” He quickly stripped me out of my shirt, bra, and jeans, leaving me in only my lace panties. “But I’m not going to rush this.” He moved down my body, sucking each of my nipples into his mouth before letting them go with a pop. Then he wedged his shoulders between my thighs. “Now that I finally have you where I want you, I’m going to take my time and make sure you enjoy this so much you’ll never want to leave my bed.”

He skimmed his cheek against the inside of my thigh, the prickle from his scruff sending goose bumps along my skin. “Yes, please.”

“Can’t fucking wait to hear you scream yes while I’m making you come.” He tugged my panties down my legs before hooking his arms under my thighs to spread them wider. He didn’t give me the chance to feel embarrassed about my nudity. His head dipped low, and he used his lips, teeth, and tongue to drive me to the edge. My head pressed against the mattress while my hips jerked up.

“The way you make me feel,” I whimpered, my hands threading through his hair to press his face closer to my pussy. “I had no idea anything could feel this good.”

“Come for me, and I’ll make it even better,” he growled before burying his tongue inside me. Stars burst behind my eyelids, and intense pleasure roared through my body as he flicked his thumb over my clit. My hips rocked against him, and I rode his face through my orgasm. When the shudders stopped and I melted against the mattress, Hack went up onto his knees and shoved his jeans down his legs. My eyes widened at the sight of his dick. It was long, thick, and hard. There was a drop of pre-come at the tip, and I licked my lips while wondering what he’d taste like. “I’m looking forward to having your pretty lips wrapped around my cock, but that’ll have to wait for a day when I have some fucking control so I don’t shoot down your throat the second I feel your wet mouth on me.”

I pouted up at him as he settled between my legs, but my lips formed a perfect O when the thick crown of his dick nudged my entrance, making me gasp. He notched it inside me, and my pussy clenched around the invasion. “Holy fuck,” he grunted. “Your pretty pussy is going to feel like a velvet fist gripping my cock.”

“Only if you fit,” I panted, my body bracing for the pain I knew was about to come.

He skimmed his palm up the back of my thigh and lifted my leg to press my knee close to my chest. “You were made to take my cock. Trust me, baby.”

“I do,” I whispered, wiggling my hips a little when he didn’t move any farther.

He pushed another inch inside me, and I froze. The pain wasn’t as bad as I expected, but then he reared back and thrust deep, tearing through the proof of my innocence and filling me all the way. Tears welled in my eyes, but then he pinched my clit, and I felt a jolt of electricity race through me. “I’m gonna make you feel so fucking good for saving that sweet cherry for me.”

He pulled back an inch, his finger still working my clit as he ground back against me.

“Hack,” I moaned.

He paused. “You call me Barrett, baby. Especially when I’m inside you.”

“More, Barrett,” I whispered, staring deep into his sexy brown eyes.

He smiled, seeming pleased by my response, then he began to move again. He speared me with his huge cock over and over again until I was writhing beneath him and chanting, “Please, please, please.”

“That’s right, baby. I want to hear how good I make you feel,” he rasped, his hips keeping a steady rhythm. My body was taut, and the orgasm building in me felt as though it was going to be huge. I held my breath, and my heart raced in my chest. He was holding my hips as he slammed in and out of me. His balls slapped against my butt with each powerful thrust, and his finger circled my clit.

He held me still, his fingers digging into my skin hard enough that I knew it was going to leave a mark—making me burn hotter. I took what he had to give until something inside me snapped. “Barrett,” I screamed, my nails digging into his shoulders as I flew apart.

“That’s right, baby. Milk my cock,” he grunted, his hips still moving as he pumped in and out of me until his cock jerked. I felt the hot splash of his come filling me up, and it triggered another orgasm. He dropped on top of me, pressing me into the mattress for a moment before he rolled onto his back and took me with him. I felt the hammering of his heart against my chest, and it was beating as fast as mine. He was still inside me, and our combined releases trickled out around him. He’d taken me without a condom, but I didn’t have a single regret. I could too easily picture my belly round with his child, and for the first time since I’d witnessed the crime that changed my life, I was grateful because that crazy mess had brought Hack to me.

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