Paisley licked her lips, and her green eyes turned curious while her cheeks filled with crimson. “Aw, fuck,” I groaned. “That turns you on, doesn’t it?” Now I was dying to see her on her hands and knees with her pussy dripping and the globes of her bottom sporting pink handprints. I needed to end this, or I was gonna end up taking her against the wall and slowing down her recovery. The bath was still running, and it would be fuller than I wanted any second, so I reached around her and rotated the handle to stop the flow.

As I was straightening back up, Paisley leaned over and nibbled my ear while her hand circled my dick. I groaned, and she squeezed her small hand around as much of my considerable girth as she could. “Oh, fuck, baby,” I grunted as I placed one hand on her hip and wrapped the other around hers. “You gotta stop. I’m only so strong.” She squeezed again, and my hand involuntarily guided hers up and down my shaft, making me moan. Then she shocked the fuck out of me by dropping to her knees and wrapped her pouty lips around the angry, red tip of my cock, making me shout, “Fuck!” She looked up at me with uncertainty and began to pull back. It got me hot as fuck to realize she’d never done this before either. She wasn’t sure what to do.

I threaded my fingers in her thick, red hair and held her head in place. “Suck it, baby. Yeah, just like that. Oh fuck, that’s good.” She swirled her tongue around the head before sucking hard, and little black spots danced in front of my eyes. Still, I needed more.

My hand fisted in her hair and tilted her head back while I slowly thrust into her hot, wet mouth. When I reached the very back, she gagged a little but didn’t try to pull back. “Good girl,” I praised. “You look so fucking hot on your knees with my cock in your pretty mouth.” I retreated an inch, then pushed to the back of her mouth again. “Relax your jaw, baby,” I instructed. When she did, I slid in until my tip was practically down her throat. “Now, swallow.” Again, she did as I commanded, and I nearly came right then. “Fuck, yeah. Your mouth feels almost as good as your pussy.” My hands began to guide her head up and down as I jacked in and out of her mouth, groaning louder every time she swallowed me whole.

My pelvis took on a life of its own, and soon, I was fucking her mouth with hard, fast thrusts, but my girl took it like a champ. She licked and sucked with hollowed-out cheeks. It was almost hard to believe this was her first time, but she had an awkward innocence that told me she instinctively knew what to do because she was born to take my cock. Finally, I was near the edge and knew if I didn’t pull her off my dick, I’d come down her throat, and I didn’t want to waste any of my come.

That little voice warned me about her raw pussy, but I was too far gone to listen. I yanked her hair back and withdrew my cock. She started to argue but was cut off when I shoved my hands under her arms and lifted her to her feet before slamming my mouth down over hers. I grabbed her ass and hoisted her up, driving deep into her sex as her legs locked around my waist. Stumbling in the unfamiliar space, I managed to get her pressed against the wall so I could pound in and out at a frantic pace, needing her to come before I exploded. Paisley’s head thumped as it dropped, and she cried out. “Barrett! Oh, yes! Yes!”

“Fuck, baby. How are you even fucking tighter than last night? Oh, fuck!” Her pussy walls contracted, and she bucked her hips forward, meeting every thrust. I buried my face in her neck and growled, “Yeah, baby. Squeeze that pussy. Oh, shit! Fuck, yeah. That’s it, baby, fuck my cock.”

She was shaking with need, and her muscles were trembling around my shaft. She was close. I dropped my head and took one of her nipples into my mouth while I shifted to angle her lower body and make sure I hit her clit with every thrust. “Come, Paisley,” I commanded. I grasped her ass cheeks hard and gently inserted the tip of my pinky into her puckered hole. She gasped, but it turned into a scream that echoed off the tiled walls as she flew apart.

With both holes being worked, her sex clamped down on my cock so hard I was surprised I was even able to get out and back in a few more times. It wasn’t easy, but it was an ecstasy like no other. Finally, I slammed into her and bottomed out, the tip of my member bumping up against her cervix, and I roared as my body detonated and come erupted from my cock. “Paisley! Fuck! Fuck!” The thought of my seed filling her unprotected womb made me come even harder, and more and more of it jetted out until it was spilling out and running down her thighs. I groaned as I softened inside her, though it wasn’t much. I was always semi-hard at the thought of her, and when she was near, I was always ready to bury myself inside her.

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