“No clue what you’re talking about, baby. Anyway, you need me?”

“I always need you,” she remarked in a breathless tone.

And just like that, I was hard as steel.

“But that’s not why I called. Check this out.” She grabbed my other hand and placed it on the side of her stomach. Then she tapped her phone, and after a second, music started to play.

I winced at the upbeat, pop tempo and the sound of Justin Timberlake singing “Can’t Stop the Feeling.” Before I could ask why she was subjecting me to this shit, Lexi, our little girl, kicked my hand. I grinned and watched the little bumps as she moved and poked Paisley with her tiny feet. I frowned when she stopped abruptly, going completely still. “She okay?”

Paisley laughed, and I glanced up to see her waving her phone at me. That was when I noticed the music was no longer playing. She tapped the screen again, and almost as soon as the music started up again, Lexi went nuts, practically doing somersaults in her mother’s belly.

I was absolutely fascinated. My kid was brilliant, and she hadn’t even been born yet. I’d have to work on her taste in music, though.

Paisley turned off her phone when the song ended and graced me with her gorgeous smile. “I can’t believe she’s almost here, but I also can’t wait another second to hold her.”

Climbing onto the bed, I sat with my back against the headboard and carefully shifted her so she was resting between my legs, her back against my stomach. I gently dug my thumbs into the muscles around her neck and shoulders. She moaned and wiggled to get more comfortable, causing me to suck in a breath at the friction on my very swollen cock. “Magic hands,” she sighed.

“Is that so?”

“Yep. You’re extremely talented, babe.”

A wicked grin split my face, and I slid my hands down to cup her big tits and give them a squeeze. Then I glided one past her stomach and into her panties to cup her pussy. “Want to know what else my hands are good at?” I breathed softly before nipping at her ear.

She moaned as I plucked her nipple and drew my middle finger up her slit. Ever since she hit the third trimester, she rarely wore more around the house than loose, but tiny shorts and tank tops. I had no complaints about her wardrobe as long as we were home alone. Her lack of clothes made it even easier to fuck her whenever I felt like it. Although, it was more like whenever she demanded sex since her hormones made her horny all the time—which I had zero complaints about.

“I love how fucking wet you are whenever I touch you,” I groaned as her juices soaked my finger. The hand on her breast switched to twist and pinch her other nipple. “You’re hot as hell anytime, baby. But I have to admit, I’m gonna miss these big tits.” I dipped my digit into her tight channel, and she squirmed restlessly. “Guess I’ll just have to keep you knocked up so they’re always swollen and dripping with milk.” She cried out as I inserted another finger and curled them so they touched her most sensitive spot. Her hips bucked and pushed her sexy ass right into my groin. “Fuck,” I grunted. “I need to feel you riding my cock, baby.”

I shoved her shorts down and tore off her underwear, before whipping her shirt over her head. In a flash, I had my jeans undone, and my dick sprang free, standing straight up and glistening with pre-come as it leaked from the tip.

Grasping her hips, I lifted her and lined up my cock with her dripping pussy. Paisley moaned and unexpectedly dropped down, impaling herself on me to the root. “Fuck!” I shouted. “Careful, baby.”

“I’m not going to break, Barrett,” she snapped. “Now shut up and fuck me!” She’d also become very demanding, and it was sexy as fuck.

Paisley began to bounce on my dick, riding me fast and hard. “Fuck, yeah, baby. Ride that cock,” I groaned. “Yeah, fuck it hard. Yes!” I collared her throat and yanked her back. “Give me your mouth,” I demanded. She twisted her head, and I briefly sucked her bottom lip before giving her a deep, wet kiss.

I palmed her tits and played with the stiff peaks, knowing it drove her out of her mind. She wrenched her mouth away and arched her back, her hands going to my thighs for support. “Yes! Yes! Oh, Barrett!” Her nails dug into my skin, but the bite of pain only added to the pleasure.

Paisley stiffened for a second, then she screamed my name as she shattered, her pussy pulsing and massaging my dick. I dropped my head back, and it banged into the headboard as I shouted her name when I exploded inside her.

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