It was weak and foolish of her, but she should have known. It should have been obvious from the start that in this game, she’d already lost too much ground. And when it was all over, when she walked away with those signed papers, she knew she’d have given away even more than she’d gained.


Miranda thought of her previous allusion to Cinderella, and yet once the dinner was over and they were back inside the limousine, she couldn’t help thinking that for them, the real party had just begun.

Once alone inside the air-conditioned lavishness of the limo, he drew her into his arms, and kissed her. No warning, no by-your-leave, nothing. It was like he’d been raging for her all through the evening. His mouth was insistently passionate, and very rough against hers. The evident strength of his desire for her thrilled and yet amazed her; he seemed ready to rip her out of her clothes.

Obviously, one night of abandon had only managed to whet his appetite for her, not assuage it. Miranda found this prospect very gratifying – especially since it was the same for her. His ardent kiss was making her belly do flip-flops, and her heart pounded so hard she could hear it ringing in her ears. Her hands clutched his jacketed arms, and she gasped against his tongue sucked sensually on hers. For heavens sake, she thought desperately, as her pussy instantly began to vibrate like it had been plugged in. A shudder passed through her body, her arousal intensified by his hand slipping beneath the draped neckline to cup one full breast in his large palm. He thumbed her nipple roughly, drawing out a harder gasp from her lips. His lips broke from hers, and he bent his head, pressing hot, hard kisses down her neck.

The sensation of his hand on her naked skin was making her inner thighs quiver all the more. She moaned, pressing her knees together to fight off the dripping wetness she could feel forming in her panties. In the next moment, he’d pushed the sleeve off her shoulder, baring one full, thrust-out breast. She felt his lips latch on her rock hard nipple, and gasped. “Jude...the driver...”

“Can’t hear or see us,” he growled, his fingers moulding the firm, fleshy underside of her breasts. They both moaned, and this time when he sucked on her nipple, he took a whole lot of breast in his mouth as well, as if to swallow it in one go. He licked, suckled and nibbled on her tit till she was a shuddering mass on the seat of the limo, where he now had her half-lying on her back.

His free hand reached down searchingly to her thighs, and found them locked tightly.

“Spread your legs, honey,” he commanded huskily, and Miranda forced her rigid leg muscles to relax, parting her knees and letting him slip a hand beneath her dress. He touched her through her panties, rubbing strongly on the moistened patch over her pussy.

A half-sob caught in her throat, even as he groaned, his teeth sinking deeper on the skin of her nipple. Miranda’s head fell back as myriad sensations spread through her whole body, bringing her too close to the brink. If she didn’t try to hold back, she knew she would come. In just minutes, he’d been able to bring her to the highest point of stimulation – and if he didn’t stop, soon, she was going to combust.

But he didn’t stop; he kept sucking on her nipple, rolling it around in his mouth with his tongue, while he caressed her through her thong, making her so wet she soaked it right through. It took less than thirty seconds of this merciless bombardment to get her spasming in helpless release. She bucked beneath him, her lips parted in a soundless cry as the most powerful ripped into her. She pressed her knees strongly together, stilling the motion of his hand, even as she clasped his head to her breast, holding on tightly to him as she came in waves.

Her face was red as she tumbled back down to earth, and she almost couldn’t meet his when he lifted his head to look at her. She cursed her body for being so susceptible to him, and yet, when she finally caught his eyes, she saw the answering flame of passion flickering in their navy depths. “God, you are so sexy,” he breathed out harshly, his hand lifted to tuck a stray curl behind her ear. Miranda was trembling, feeling warmed by the heat in his gaze. The limo had now come to a stop, and a glance out of the window showed that they’d arrived at their hotel.

“Are you okay?” he asked softly, when she hadn’t spoken. His hands were gentle as he helped her straighten her clothes.

Okay? How could she ever be okay? When a man like him could so effortlessly reduce her to jelly without really trying? But then, his own intense passion had been doubly arousing, so she hadn’t stood a chance against his frenzied lovemaking. But she mumbled that she was fine, and managed to fumble out unto the pavement, her knees wobbly. She was still in a bit of after-shock after that unexpected episode inside the car during the drive back to the hotel. She couldn’t remember ever coming so quickly in her life. It scared her how strongly he affected her both sexually and emotionally.

She felt him take her hand silently as they made their way inside and up the lift to their suite. They didn’t speak, and he didn’t look at her, but she could feel his tension, the feral aura that exuded from him. His fingers linked with hers, and his touch was strong, possessive. She had no doubt of what lay in store the moment they’d have the bedroom door closed behind them. And yet she couldn’t help wondering what would be number one on the agenda...


Miranda didn’t have to wonder for long. Once they were alone in the bedroom, he started to discard his clothes. Taking his cue, she reached behind her for her zipper, but he told her gruffly, “No, don’t. I’ll do it.”

So she waited obediently, and didn’t demur when, moments later, he led her to the front of the ornate mirror which took up almost the whole length of one wall. She stared at her unrecognizable reflection; her wild eyes, her slightly dishevelled hair. He stood behind her, his hands reaching to unravel her upbraided locks, bringing it to fall in chestnut waves on her shoulders. His face was bent close to hers, and he lifted his eyes to hold hers in the mirror.

Deliberately, he drew down the zipper at her back, before tugging down the expensive black dress. It pooled at her feet, and she stepped out of it to stand in her matching red strapless corset and panties. Her waist was pinched in a few inches by the snug, sexy corset, giving her full figure even more of an hour-glass shape. Her legs stretched almost endlessly down to her shiny black pumps, which elongated her frame even more. She heard him draw in a sharp breath, and with his body so close up behind her, she could feel the heat of his nakedness, especially the rigid length of his cock throbbing against her bare bottom. He shivered, she was torment to be standing so near to each other, and yet, still having to hold themselves back.

“Nice...very nice,” he said in approval, his voice little more than a growl. His hands fell on her waist, into which he dug his fingers. He tugged her back hard against him, and she felt too excited by his closeness to breathe. What did he want? What was he going to do to her?

“Your body is mine,” he told her softly in her ear, making the tiny hairs on her lobe tingle. She gasped and arched her neck, feeling his lips slide over her skin feverishly. His hands smoothed up over her breasts, cupping them. She still had on the gorgeous necklace, and it glinted brightly even in the well-lit room. That single strand hung down between her mounds, which the tight corset had pushed together to form a juicy cleavage.

“And tonight, I’m going to claim the spoils,” he went on softly, holding her gaze in the mirror. “I will re-discover every succulent, sweet-tasting inch of you...till you are imprinted in my memory, as I will be in yours. And no man is ever going to touch you, or kiss you again, without you thinking of me – and remembering how perfect it was between us.”

Miranda felt her heart lurch at this promise, shocked at the edge of dismay, which mixed in with the desire she felt for him to keep his word. She didn’t want him to make her think of later, of when their one week of stolen passion will have to end. She wanted to dwell on the here and now, because remembering that soon, she would need to walk away and not look back, was becoming a prospect too terrible to envisage...


She’d secretly thought that nothing could top last night. But that memory was beginning to fade to the more unhurried, yet even more vigorous sexual regimen he mapped out for them that night.

There, in front of the mirror, he began to kiss her lips strongly, his hand in her hair twisting her head back over her shoulder so she could meet his lips. His other hand had pushed beneath the corseted bra to grab hold of her breast, his touch rough and passionate. She moaned, feeling him massage her sensitive nipple with his fingers. He pinched it suddenly, making her gasp at the unexpected sting. And then he pulled, and pinched, and set her on fire with the hot blend of pain and pleasure. Her knees felt weak and unable to support her, and it was like her shattering in the car hadn’t happened, because she wanted him now even harder than before.

She was hungry for him in ways that frightened her. She wanted him to take her roughly, with no holds barred. To fling her to the bed on her knees and ride into her so deep she’d feel it in her ribcage. She wanted hotter, sweatier sex with him than they’d had before... And something in the way he yanked on her hair as he kissed her, tugging at the roots so hard it made her eyes burn a little, told her he was of one mind.

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