She danced her tongue with his daringly, opening her mouth wide and trying to devour him with her kiss. He expressed his approval with a deep groan, his caresses on her breast mounting in urgency, “Oh hell, I want you so bad...,” were his tortured words against her lips, and she trembled as she told him she wanted him too.

“ do,” he agreed with a dangerous glint in his eyes as they met hers in the mirror. “And you’re going to love the things I want to do to you...”

She knew he was right. And when he asked her softly in her ear if she trusted him, she nodded soundlessly. Over and over again she trembled, wondering the reason for the question. Already, she was finding it hard to breathe, especially in the tightly-laced corset that he still made no move to take off. Watching him touch her and kiss her as they stood in the mirror was such a turn-on, and she felt her already soaked panties getting wet all over again.

“On the bed, now.”

His tone was brusque, breaking into her haze of pleasure. Without a word, she moved to the king-sized bed, not sure how he wanted her, till he told her to go on her hands and knees. She obeyed, wondering why it felt so good to be so submissive, to hear him instruct her and knowing she would comply without question. She felt a roiling inside her belly as she waited for him to join her. Moments later, she felt the mattress dip beneath his weight, and then he was tying a silk scarf over her eyes.

Her heart thumped, the sudden deprivation of sight heightening her already fevered excitement. She was taking shallow, rapid breaths to stop the sudden feeling of suffocation the corset was giving her by this time. It was far from comfortable and yet it seemed to only add to the eroticism of the moment. Besides, she felt so sexy wearing it, knowing how turned on he’d been when he’d seen her in it.

She could feel him caressing her bottom, his hands cupping the fleshy cheeks as he told her how sexy her ass was. She squirmed with pleasure, his voice trailing over her like warm satin. Not being able to see, she could only feel, and she kept holding her breath and wondering what was coming next. The suspense was almost killing her, but in a deeply titillating way.

There came the unmistakable feeling of him pressing kisses all over her bum, even as he rubbed on the full globes with fingers that grew from tender to rough. And then, moments later, she was surprised by his hand coming down hard on her ass.

“Oh!” she gasped out loud, stunned to the bone. What the heck was that? And more importantly, why did it feel so fucking good?

“Did that hurt?” he asked in her ear, voice husky. “Do you want me to stop?”

“No... Yes – I mean,” she paused, hardly able to breathe with the sweet stinging she felt from that first, hot slap on her right cheek. “I mean it does sting, but I...I liked it. I want you to do it again.”

“Do what again?” was his rumbled enquiry. “You mean this?” And once more, he spanked her, harder this time. His large palm landed with firm force, and she could feel her bottom twinge at the sharpness of the pain. Ooh heavens, she wanted to pass out from how freaking hot it felt to have his hand smacking her ass. She couldn’t believe herself when she told him yes, that. Do it again, harder.

He merely chuckled, but he gladly obliged, and treated her to a series of smacks, the strength increasing with each strike. Her whole body clenched every time he lifted his hand from her bottom, because she was never quite sure the second it was going to land again. And when it did, the “thwack” on her plump flesh seemed to vibrate all the way to her pussy, making her inner muscles squeeze with pleasure. She moaned out his name, her limbs trembling as she wondered how much she could take before she came again. It was just almost too terrible a pleasure to bear.

“Now I don’t want you to make a sound,” he said gruffly, and she bit back the next moan, her breath catching as he whacked her hard again. Behind her blindfold, she blinked at the spots of bliss which had begun to appear inside the enforced darkness. Even touch from the flat of his hand was magnified, multiplied by the fact that she could not see, only feel. Her ears pricked to hear the sound of his hand arching in the air, before it came sailing down to spank her bottom again, and again.

The soreness began to eat deeper into her skin, and she wanted to sob at the pleasure-pain, till she remembered his warning for her to keep silent. She swallowed convulsively, lips parting as she forced air into her punished lungs. She almost wished now that she hadn’t pulled the front laces of the corset so tight. But then it had given such a lovely cleavage that she’d done it up tighter than she should have. And now, she was near suffocating inside it, unable to take deep enough breaths. She felt herself grow light-headed from the sensation, her mind swimming as she realized she was close, very close to fainting away with pleasure.

Suddenly, he stopped, and this time when his hand touched her bottom, it was in gentle, soothing caresses. She heaved a sigh, willing her heartbeat to regularize.

“Good girl,” he said deeply, rubbing her now tender skin, and she actually felt her heart dance at the words of praise. “You’ve taken your bit of discipline very, very well. I feel like I should reward you now...with my cock.” As he spoke, she felt him slip his fingers between her upturned ass, reaching underneath her thong for her pussy, which was slick with her juices. He hummed in delight, even as she wobbled at the knees, a soundless gasp spilling from her open mouth. His other hand reached her breast, his body leaning over hers as he roughly squeezed it and twisted her nipple. Miranda bit on her lip in ecstasy.

“So tell me...tell me how badly you want me inside you,” he said, his breath caressing her ear. She could feel the hardness of his penis sliding in between her aching ass cheeks, and she seemed unable to stop trembling. “I need to hear you say it,” he added softly, his tongue running over her sensitive earlobe and making her sigh shakily.

“I want you inside me, Jude,” she let out at last, her voice breathy and euphoric at the prospect of being soon filled with his magnificent cock. “I want it very, very much.”

“Oh baby,” he groaned, and she felt a shudder run through him. That was when she realized how much he’d been punishing himself, as well, and not just her. But he soon regained his control, and straightened to position himself behind her. She heard him putting on protection, and seconds later, he was hooking a finger into her skimpy thong, drawing it to the side. It seemed so freaking hot to her that he wanted to fuck her with it still on, and as he pushed her knees further apart and lined his shaft in front of her slit, she tensed in terrific expectation for that moment when he would slam into her.

But first, he only teased her with the head of his cock, driving her crazy as he stroked himself on her sopped opening. Her thighs began to tremble helplessly, and this time she couldn’t hold back a tearful sob. She asked, no begged, for him to take her. She thrust back against him, desperate for his penetration. He was only making her all the more slick and mushy inside, and all the more ready to be powerfully claimed.

And when he finally rocked into her, she almost went giddy with pleasure, unable to keep herself from crying out. She heard him groan, his body going still as her pussy vibrated around his invading cock, which was only half inside her. And she wanted more. Instinctively, she pushed back in his direction - just before he took hold of her hips and dove into her to the hilt.

Miranda gasped, unprepared for the solid sense of being ripped in half now that he was fully inside her. There was a terrible sweetness to the pain, making it so that she didn’t want it to end. She wanted it to continue. So she wriggled her bottom against him, and he took it as a signal that she was ready for his hot, hard taking.

She felt his fingers in her hair, roping the long thick strands around his wrist. And then he pulled roughly, leaning back on his knees so that she was forced to arch back till she was balanced on him. His thighs were now underneath hers, and he began to pump himself up into her pussy. Lost in her dark, bottomless world, Miranda could only moan and buck; wrapped up in the pleasure he was giving her. Her discomfort with the corset was irrelevant now, what with that monster of a cock pushing deeper and deeper into her, pounding against spots within her core that she’d never known a man could reach. Her bottom bounced up and down on him, their movements corresponding perfectly.

He’d let go of her hair now, this time reaching round for her tits with both hands. Focussing on the sensations of his touch, she moaned over and over as he tweaked her rock-hard nipples. His hips were moving like pistons now, pushing his cock even deeper into her pussy if that were possible. Miranda felt herself blacking out with pleasure, feeling his large hands squeezing possessively on her bouncing mounds. He told her gruffly in her ear how much he loved being inside her, and how good it felt to have her pussy wrapped around his cock so tightly.

Miranda shivered in delight at his raunchy words, her hands covering his over her breasts which he was fondling roughly. His thrusts were now coming fast and choppy, jarring her whole body with the repeated impact. The intensity of it all was just too much for her, and moments later, her mouth opened in a soundless squeal as her pussy clenched and released continuously on his cock with her resonating .

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