And now, she felt drawn slowly from her light sleep by lips trailing down her nape.

She was lying on her belly, her face muffled in the pillow. The sensation of warm, silken lips making a molten path over her exposed back slowly began to register – and her eyes snapped open.

The room was as dimly lit as she’d left it when she’d settled in soon after she’d bathed, and now there seemed to be a definite glow surrounding her, warming her to the bone. Or maybe that was just the feeling of Jude’s mouth on her skin, trailing lingering kisses over her exposed back.


It was so like an erotic pronouncement, the one word filled with an undeniably intense declaration of intent that made her shiver within. Miranda lay on her belly, her face turned to the side and muffled within the pillow she now clutched. Jude was right above, his hands propped on either side of her as he continued his tender, heated foray of her shivery skin with just his lips.

“You smell delicious,” he said thickly, drawing in a ragged breath. “I could eat you all up.” And then she heard him chuckle, the sound downright wolfish as he added,

“Though, I already intend to do that anyway, so...”

Once again, Miranda shuddered, and she was sure that this time, he would feel it. Would feel the way her whole frame tensed, and then eased itself beneath the searching, passionate tracks his lips made down the sensitive ridge in the middle of her back. From the waist down, she could feel her body melting, her inner thighs turning moist as if a tap had started to drip right between her legs. And from the waist up, she felt herself grow heavier, tighter, as her breasts grew fuller and taut with an aching need she could not deny. She could feel her nipples pressing almost painfully into the mattress, and moaned.

She felt him draw away for some moments, and curious, she finally turned on her back, leaning on her elbows as she watched, unable to speak while he started to undress.

He obviously had no qualms about his body, as silently, holding her gaze almost mesmerizingly, he unbuttoned his shirt, and flung it aside along with his pants. Miranda gulped soundlessly, physically incapable of looking away.

He was...magnificent. Every inch of him like highly polished gold, and ripped to almost marble-like perfection. She’d never seen a more beautiful body on man, his shoulders broad and strongly masculine as the rest of him. Well-defined chest and pecs, smooth, washboard belly, and flanks that narrowed into a perfect vee. He had the body of an athlete crossed with what a male stripper would look like – and Miranda felt almost faint with the lack of oxygen she was experiencing.

He was making her forget to breathe – again. Seeing a naked Jude Stone was indeed, dangerous for her health. Especially when her roving eyes tracked low to his crotch, and saw what he was packing in terms of his more private masculine parts. Sure enough, he was no less gifted there as well. In fact, if her sense of proportion was anything to go by, he was at least ten inches, and from the look of things, still flipping growing! His erect girth seemed to thicken and lengthen right before her dazed eyes, as he kicked off his briefs.

“Oh my God,” Miranda gasped before she could stop herself, and saw his half wry, half predatory smile.

“Don’t look so horrified, sweetheart,” he murmured, joining her on the wide, silk-spread mattress. “I promise to be gentle – but only when you want me to be. So when you need it rough and wild – you only need to say the word.” He chuckled at her expression, totally unabashed as he lay beside her with that monster of a cock rearing in the middle of his thighs like a separate entity, the balls firm and taut at the pole-thick base.

She knew she should be freaked out by the size of him, but her traitorous body was beginning to have a mind of its own. Her already molten pussy felt totally drenched now in awareness of the gloriously naked body laying next to her.

“Touch me.”

Miranda gaped at him for a few moments, at a loss for words. “What?” she finally croaked, heart pounding so fast it felt ready to explode in her chest.

“Do it,” he told her coolly. He’d linked his hands behind his head, and she caught glimpse of his silky-haired underarms, the dark tufts such a sexy, erotic sight that she felt her inner thighs clench in shamed arousal. Every inch of him was so freaking hot; she’d heard the term “man-candy” but had never understood it till now. There was no part of him that she wouldn’t gladly sink her teeth into. And yet, she felt almost paralysed, not sure if she could force her brain into taking action.

“It doesn’t count if it isn’t convincing, Miranda,” he murmured, tone almost conversational. “I have to feel like you want this as much as I do. So, touch me all over, kiss me...do what ever you want. Make me see how wild for me you can get.”

Miranda’s breath was coming in short, helpless gasps, not sure now that she could pull things off with the cool-headed practicality she had thought she’d have ready when this time came. What could be so hard about pleasuring a man? They were basically quite easy to satisfy. And yet...here was this golden-toned, perfectly ripped body laid out in front of her that seemed built just for a lover’s adoring, hungered touch. She wanted to do what he asked, wanted to do it so very badly it frightened her. But still she was held back by her fears – and she looked up into his hooded eyes pleadingly. She found his gaze merciless, feral in its command.


The warning tone was enough. She would obey. And gladly...


It was like something had been switched on inside her.

In that split-second, Miranda turned temptress, teaser and tormentor. Because once she made the split-second decision to rise to Jude’s challenge, she found she was not short on courage, imagination - or passion.

She arched over him, their bodies barely touching. She was still wearing her lacy, very skimpy lingerie, which she kept on as she proceeded in her heart-lurching task.

He lay there expectant, and she took her time, bending slowly, ever slowly to his lips. Her eyes fluttering closed against the dark flush of arousal she could see on his face. He was already ablaze for her, she could tell. His whole frame was taut, and bringing off delicious warmth. She was entranced, mesmerized. She wanted to taste him all over, make him lose his infernal cool while still keeping her own self in detachment. But there was no way, she knew, that she could stay detached for long...

Her mouth melded sensually over his. No tongue, just her lips tugging and nibbling him, building up moisture. His breathing was harsh; she could hear it in the background of her own unsteady gasping as with every taste of his firm, yummy lips, she felt a coil winding tightly inside her belly. She framed his face with her hands, and deepened the kiss, taking him with a feminine roughness that made him growl in approval. He parted his lips to her bold raiding, and she hungrily drove her tongue inside.

She heard herself moaning as they sampled each other thirstily, turning the heat levels up to steamy in zero to five seconds. Her hands left his face to link with his fingers on either side of his head, drawing them up against the headboard behind him as they had their erotically sloppy tongue-fest. She never wanted to stop; kissing him felt almost too delightful, even sinful, as it grew even more lewd by the second. Sultry, fearless, she poured herself into the mood, enjoying how it felt to take control, to own the scene. And it had only just begun.


Jude’s fingers clenched and unclenched within hers, groaning deep in his throat as her wild, audacious kiss got his heart pounding and his cock throbbing almost painfully.

Damn, if she could blow his mind with just her kiss...

He loved it; loved her she was taking charge; how she kept his hands up by his head while she snaked her soft, supply body over his. Her lips pulled teasingly on his for a few more delicious minutes, before she broke the kiss. She had a sexy little smile on her lips as she drew herself up on her knees beside him, letting go of her grip on his fingers. And then she took hold of the hem of her short nightgown before, without further ado, plucking it over her head. Jude drew in a strangled breath.

There were no words...just rapture. All he could do was stare at her, now naked before him except for the tiny lacy briefs which were shielding her last secret from him. He’d never seen a body so lusciously beautiful, and he itched to touch her - felt his fingers twitch with the urge to seize her full, melon-sized mounds with their pretty, puffy nipples and just squeeze, hard.

She was all delicious curves and glowing, soft-looking skin. He’d never seen anything so beautiful, or sexy. He held himself back from just grabbing for her like his raging hormones wanted him to do. Instead, he leaned back, propped by his elbows, as he waited for her next move.


Miranda remembered that he’d said something about an early meeting he had to be at the next morning. But hell no was she rushing this – not at the first go. Their kiss had been a complete game changer, and now she wanted more – she wanted it all.

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