Taking her time, she reached out a hand, and touched his terrifically fit-looking body. Ran her palm flat down all over him, bumping over ever ridge and slope. His chest heaved as her hand stroked leisurely over its broad expanse, her fingertips brushing his nipples. And when she slid her way down his rippling six-packs, she felt his abs muscles contract as he sucked in a breath.

The next moment, she was wrapping her fingers round his cock, savouring the pleasure of having him throbbing and pulsing in her grasp. She spent the next few minutes fisting his thickly-veined shaft, staring in fascination as even with both her hands, she still couldn’t seem to encompass its enormous girth. The tip was broad and very well defined, looking as smooth as purpled marble. Miranda was breathless, filled with the need to take him wholly into her mouth, and taste the diamond-like drops of pre-cum steeping his cap. One hand lowered to stroke his balls, which felt so taut and silky within their sacs. His breath had grown raspy now, she could hear it. Or maybe it was just hers echoing and pounding in her ears.

She glanced up at him then, and felt staggered by the look of ferocious desire on his face. He almost seemed to grimace, his face a mask of self-control and maybe even anguish. It was almost as if her very touch hurt. Well, if that was the case, she decided, then...his pain was about to get a lot worse...

The moment she took him in her mouth, she closed her eyes in utter bliss, blown away by the taste of him on her tongue. She felt him jerk upwards in instant reaction, and she balanced a free hand on his abs as she worked her lips on his shaft. For the first time, he lifted his hands from the bed and now threaded them into her hair, his touch caressing as she sucked on him with manifest delight.

Heck, she was practically humming in pleasure, her lips wrapping firmly around him as she bobbed her head. She alternated between fast and slow, but her pace was always steady, never breaking. She slid her mouth up and down on him again and again, taking him as deep as she dared, her lips stretching as far as they could go round his stiff pole.

She intensified the sensations by teasing him with her tongue flicking over his cap and along his length, even as she blew him. She didn’t even know how she knew what to do; she’d certainly never been this adventurous before. But instinctively, she seemed to know how to please him, switching the manner of her ministrations up from mild to downright wanton as she bathed him in saliva. She licked, sucked, and nibbled, till she could feel his meaty manhood begin to pulsate and tighten within her mouth. She was pushing him to the brink, tormenting him with pleasure and making his whole body stiffen against the threatening tide. Miranda could sense it; she knew he was close, and she gloried in her power to make him go so close to the edge.

“Stop.” His voice was alien, almost strangled, and she felt his fingers clench gently into her hair as he drew her off his now painfully hard cock. She chuckled softly as she looked up at his tortured expression, his skin slightly flushed. He saw her little smile of triumph, and he grinned suddenly. “Witch. You enjoyed driving me nuts, didn’t you? Well, you might as well allow me to return the favour...”

His words sent a thrill of anticipation running through Miranda’s veins. She was still all-atremble herself, not as unmoved by sucking on him as she appeared. She lay flat on her back beneath him, biting on her lip to quell a moan as his warm hands fell on her hips. He hooked fingers into her thong panties and drew them down, past her knees and then off her ankles. She felt his eyes upon her sex, and almost shuddered because a flash of something dark and fiery glittered through his gaze. And she was in no way surprised that when he finally put his hand to her pussy for the first time, there was an unmistakable squelching sound.

“Wet...so wet,” he let out in that unrecognisable voice, and Miranda looked away half in embarrassment, her normal shyness resurfacing. But then she felt him tip her chin back so that she could face him again.

“Don’t be ashamed of wanting this, Miranda. I told you, that’s the only way it’s going to count. Because I don’t want it to be all about me. Ever. And I’m going to show you how much your pleasure, your satisfaction, means to me.”

Oh boy, Miranda thought with an inner shiver as she felt him settle above her. His broad build was almost dwarfing even her far from petite frame. She tried to maintain her cool, and tell her self that those lips he trailed softly over her collar bone were in no way weakening. No, she wasn’t melting to pieces beneath his touch, not even when he stroked his fingertips along the puffy furrows of her nether lips. And yet, why did her thighs quiver so? Why did it feel like her nipples were about to explode when he put them in his mouth, one after the other? And what was that strange, keening sound coming from her mouth just as, without warning, he thrust his fingers deep into her?

Before long, Miranda found herself succumbing, moan by moan, to his sensual skill. She never really stood a chance, did she? Not when every little thing he did seemed to throw her into a gasping frenzy. The things he did with his hands, his mouth... She’d never have dreamed she would be on the receiving end of such unquenchable, body-shuddering ecstasy. With a flash of foresight, she suddenly saw the next six days stretching in one endless pattern of bliss.


By the end of the night, he’d made good his promise of pleasure and satisfaction - never more so than at that point when he’d lowered his face between her parted thighs and placed his tongue upon her sex. Miranda could remember how she’d arched involuntarily from the bed, stiffening with a sharp, sweet agony. And he was so relentless, giving her no recovery time as he took her from one plane of ecstasy to the next.

He tongued her molten slit and drew out even more moisture, taking turns between sucking on her engorged clit, and sawing his fingers steadily into her clenching walls.

She’d felt set on fire, and could recall once or twice screaming out his name, and hearing him reply with an approving groan. Especially when, without warning, she gushed upon his tongue. Miranda hadn’t even seen it coming; one second she’d been writhing beneath the onslaught of his tongue and lips, and then suddenly, a burst of light exploded in her vision and then she came, her juices sleeting forth.

He’d ravenously lapped up every drop, his hands holding down her convulsing thighs or she’d have sprung off the bed.

It took a while, but she soon calmed down enough, and became suddenly aware of his urgency, had opened her eyes and seen him arched in readiness above her. The muscles of his arms which were braced on either side of her seemed rigid, and she could see how taut as a bow-string he was. “I need to know if you’re ready for me,” he husked, his face tight with the power of his wish to claim her. The hand he stroked tenderly over her hair was slightly trembling and his jaw was clenched tight. She could see all the signs, but knew he would not surge into her unless he thought she could take him, in every way.

Oh, Miranda had been more than ready. Her pussy was slick with preparedness enough, and now that the first wild salvo of her passion had been gentled, she felt that indeed, only one thing was left that could top that. And that was to feel him shafting deep into her with that huge, throbbing cock of his.

“Yes,” she replied simply at last, clasping her hand behind his head and pulling him down for a kiss. He moaned roughly against her mouth, just as with a sharp thrust of his hips, he drove into her.

And it was such a triumphal entry, she remembered. Because even with the first shock of discomfort as his massive size stretched through her walls, the pleasure almost immediately began to kick in, causing her to gasp in surprised delight. He groaned deep in his throat as he drew back and then bucked into her again, almost driving her back into the headboard. “Sorry,” he gritted out, leaning over her as he paused, watching the play of pain passing across her face at the now deeper invasion, “But you’re so tight...and wet, and I...I may not be able to hold back, honey.”

“Then don’t,” she told him softly, holding his dark gaze unwaveringly. Her hands were roving over his back, raking, urging. Already, she could feel her pussy begin to adjust, and then cling hungrily to his throbbing, hot shaft. “I’m a big girl...I can take it.”

A teasing light danced in her eyes, and she saw the corner of his lips tilt in a smile. But in moments, their shared humour paled to the call of the wild, overpowering passion that suddenly mastered them.

He loved her long and hard, thrusting deeply enough and powerfully enough to keep her moaning out his name, while her fingernails ran deep grooves into his back. Her legs were wrapped around him, locking him to her as their conjoining grew fiercer, wilder. He ground into her, moving his hips in a rhythm that was going to be the undoing of them both. Steadily, he built up the flames, holding them back as long as he could, and yet still showing her that she needed to be set, at any time, for the detonation. And when it finally arrived, it was almost violent in its manifestation. It let loose upon them with a vengeance, ripping a roar from Jude’s throat as his now piston-like thrusts pushed him past the brink. Miranda felt a shriek pass her lips before she could stop it, and had to stuff her hand in her mouth to quell further vocal eruptions. Her body could not be so controlled however, as she shuddered convulsively against him. She made the mistake of looking into his eyes at that moment.

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