She began to understand the overwhelming feel that possessed everyone with sex. Her body no longer felt like her own. She felt taken over by someone who wasn’t herself. The sensations he was creating with his hands and lips were ones she wanted all over. She never wanted him to stop. They were all so intense that she didn’t know how long she’d waited. Duncan was throwing so much at her all at once. She didn’t want it to stop. His fiery kisses burned her skin, igniting a desperation she’d never felt until now.

“Duncan, please.” She begged him for more. Tess gasped as he took her nipple between his teeth again. The sharp pain felt so good mixed with all the pleasure he gave.

“I know,” he said. He moved her back until she fell on top of the bed. He followed her down moving her up to the centre. Duncan kissed her lips. His pants were still on but open.

“Please, take these off,” she said.

“Are you sure? The moment we start this I won’t want to stop.” He gave her a warning. An out. She stared into his dark gaze and knew she wanted to stay in his arms.

“I’m sure.”

Duncan left the bed to remove his pants. She watched him slowly ease his pants over his groin. The outline of his cock left nothing to the imagination.

He removed his underwear, and there he stood. His cock was thick. The foreskin pulled back from the mushroom sized head. The tip leaked his pre-cum. She might be a virgin, but she wasn’t stupid when it came to the male anatomy. He stroked the length staring at her body.

“Open your legs,” he said.

She did as he asked opening her legs.

He groaned. “Touch yourself.”

Tess eased her hand down between her legs. She felt her clit swollen. The moisture slicked her fingers. She moaned as sensation shot through her body making her wither on the bed in absolute pleasure.

“I can see how wet you are. You’re so damn beautiful, Tess. Your body, your response. Never change.”

She thought she’d misheard the last part and ignored it. The bed dipped. Tess watched him climb up the bed.

He joined her, naked. She touched his arms as he leaned over her. The light cast from the low lighting gave her the perfect view of him. His thick cock pressed against her belly where he stood close to her.

Duncan kissed her hard. He cupped one of her breasts, stroking her hardened nipple. She watched and felt everything he was doing to her body. She arched up towards him, begging for more of his touches.

He held back not giving in to what she needed.

“Please, Duncan, I need more.” She cried out as his other hand found her moist heat between her legs.

She whimpered. His hands were much larger than hers. He flicked her clit, his large fingers teasing her. Her eyes closed as her body opened to him. Her gasps and cries of pleasure filled the air around them. She heard them echo off the wall.

Every dominating touch was new to her innocent body, and his soft hands were causing havoc within her.

“You’re so fucking wet, baby. My cock is going to slide into you easily. Do you want me inside you?” he asked.

Tess nodded her head. A second finger joined the first against her clit. She bit down on her lip as another pulse of pleasure shot through her whole body. It was too much and not enough. Tess needed more. The amazing feelings were taking her to new heights she’d never experienced before.

“Look at me, Tess.” She opened her eyes. His whole body swamped her. Duncan was so much bigger than she. One of his hands lay against her head on the pillow. He stared down into her eyes. She couldn’t breathe as he played with her clit.

Tess broke eye contact with him to see his hand moving between her thighs.

“Do you feel me touching you?”

She nodded her head.

“You’re dripping wet, Tess. You want me.”

Again, she nodded her head.

“Look at me.” He stopped touching her clit. Tess looked back at his face. “I’m going to make love to you,” he said softly. She was so close to orgasm. The pulse of excitement grew. He was going to make love to her. She opened her legs giving him better access. He leaned down kissing her lips first. Her heart skipped a beat at the gentle way he touched her. He moved over her as he settled between her thighs. She stared at her white pale flesh against his much darker one.

She ran her hands up his arms feeling the heat radiating off his body. Tess trusted him so completely.

You need to tell him.

No, I don’t.

Yes, you do.

She shook her head refusing to spoil the moment. Duncan didn’t need to know. She’d heard some women say it didn’t hurt. For once she’d go with the minority.

“I want you so much.” She grasped his shoulders, pulling his head down and kissing his lips.

Tess watched as he aligned his cock to her entrance. He stared into her eyes. She felt for a split second that she saw love in his depths.

“I want you, too,” he said. A second later Duncan cried out as he plunged inside her.

Tess felt like she was being split in two. She couldn’t contain her cry of pain. She pushed at his shoulders trying to get him to stop. It hurt too damn much. Tess felt him freeze. She didn’t care.

She pushed at him trying to get him to pull out of her.

It’s too much.

You should have told him.

“Get off me. It hurts too much.” She pushed at his shoulders.

He pulled away. Tess went to close her legs but stopped, leaving her wide open for him to see. “Leave me alone, please.” She begged him. Tess heard him curse. She opened her eyes and stared down between her thighs. There on the sheet was a red stain. Tears sprang to her eyes as she stared at her innocence on the sheet for them both to see.

“How could you be a virgin?” His voice filled with outrage.

Tess felt so humiliated. His disgust was so apparent she wanted to curl up in a ball and get away him. She scooted up the bed covering herself with the nearest pillow. He sat opposite her, his gaze accusing her with each look.

“I’m waiting for an answer,” he said. She stared at him shocked by the difference in the man who’d held her only moments before.

Chapter Eleven

Duncan didn’t know what was happening. When he’d plunged inside her pussy and felt her resistance he hadn’t thought much of it. Then he’d heard her cry of pain followed by her attack, and it had killed him to know he’d hurt her.

She’d been a virgin. He ran his fingers through his hair. When he glanced down at his shaft he saw the blood from her innocence. He felt like a total scumbag for the way he was treating her. Her innocence annoyed and scared him.

“I’ve never had the chance to be with a man before.” She whispered the words. He looked at her. He saw the embarrassment on her face. He’d have never guessed at her total inexperience with men. He must look like a complete fool. Duncan had never thought for a second she’d be a virgin. Virgins were the no-go territory.

“How could you not have any experience at all?” His anger was scaring her. He saw it, but couldn’t stop his anger rising to the surface. Duncan was horny and downright fucking annoyed. Tess was a virgin. Why wasn’t her father taking better care of her? A woman with her innocence still intact deserved love and flowers. His plan had been to use her to get what he wanted.

“Not everyone sleeps around like you do.” Tears slipped down her face. She hugged the pillow to her like a shield. Did she have no clue that if he wanted her, the pillow would be no protection?

He stopped thinking about taking her. His cock pulsed with the need to be inside her. Duncan knew he couldn’t do it. In the beginning he’d thought she was a woman of experience. With a body like she had, he knew why he’d been misled.

“You’re twenty-three years old. How could you not have had at least one sexual experience? You’re extremely beautiful. Men would be falling at your feet.”

Like you did.

From the moment you saw her, you knew you had to have her.

“That’s all you care about. If a woman’s beautiful she must have had several sexual experiences because she cannot avoid temptation for too long?” Duncan knew how it sounded. He wouldn’t apologise for his own thoughts. He let Tess continue with her speech. “My looks don’t appeal to everyone. I don’t want a man who only cares for what’s on the outside. I’m more than a woman or a shell. You want to know why I was a virgin?”

Duncan nodded his head. Her tears were cutting through to his soul. She looked so distraught.

“I was saving myself for a man who’d appreciate what I’d saved for him. Instead, it was wasted on you. You don’t care what I had. You only see it as a hindrance. You want me because I look the part as your homely wife. That is the only reason you forced me to marry you. I fit the image of the woman you would marry.” The tears fell full force down her cheeks. He ground his teeth together to stop himself from reaching out to her. Every word she spoke was the truth.

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