Her hands never left his face.

And she heard him say “Kit” again a heartbeat before the world became nothing but a wrenching kaleidoscope of pleasure.

Noah shuddered through the clawing, violent pleasure of his orgasm. It gripped him, shook, but what held him even more tightly was Kit’s touch on his face, her skin against his.

Legs shaky afterward, he pulled out of her and got rid of the condom by trying to chuck it in the neat wicker trash basket Kit kept on one side of the room. He was fairly certain he missed, but Kit could be pissed with him for that later. Right now he just wanted to hold her.

Tumbling them both onto the bed, Kit’s eyes dazed when they opened, he braced himself over her just enough that he wasn’t crushing her. Her breasts, still cupped by black lace, moved against his chest, and her breath kissed his face. She lifted a trembling hand, stroked his jaw. It felt good, felt fucking great.

“You can have the romantic bullshit now,” he said, being the hard man when the truth was that he needed the romantic bullshit.

Lips curving in a smile that rocked his world and eyes heavy lidded, Kit stroked her fingers back to play with his hair as she put her other hand on his biceps. “Thanks,” she said and, when he kissed her, kissed him back slow and lazy.

He sank into the kiss, sank into her, feeling good after sex for the first time in his life. It hadn’t been some cheap hate fuck. Not the women, he’d never hated them. It was himself he’d hated, his anger directed inward.

This, tonight… it didn’t feel like that.

He didn’t hate what he’d done, didn’t want to escape it. He wanted to linger, wanted to wallow, wanted to wrap himself in this moment when he’d given his woman what she needed. Squeezing her breast as they kissed, he caught her moan in his mouth, squeezed again.

She squirmed under him, but her fingers stayed lazily playful just above his nape.

Lowering himself even more heavily onto her, he tugged down the cup of her bra and filled his hand with her warm flesh. Her nipple was stiff against his palm, her skin silky. Even softer than the skin of her legs as they rubbed along the hair-roughened skin of his.

They lay tangled and lazy in bed, kiss after kiss, the air hot and humid between them and his hand on her breast.

“Let me take off my bra,” she murmured when her lips were swollen and wet and her body so aroused that he could smell the erotic musk of her in the air.

He lifted himself off her but didn’t go far. She had to twist to get the bra off, and he enjoyed every small movement. The instant the lace was gone, he came down on her again, this time with his chest flush against her breasts and his hands interlacing with hers on either side of her head. His cock unerringly found her slick heat.

She arched, moaning. “Again?”

“Yeah.” He felt good tonight, felt normal, no demons howling in his head. “You got protection?” He’d only had the one condom in his wallet

Kit ran a foot up his calf. “In the bathroom cabinet.”

He groaned, not wanting to get up and out of bed to go grab it. “It’s meant to be in the bedside drawer for a reason.”

Rubbing up against him, she wiggled one hand free to run a finger down the line of his throat as the tip of his cock touched the scalding heat of her. His eyes all but rolled back in his head. A little more of this and he was done. Especially if she kept stroking him, petting him, dropping kisses along his jaw and down his throat.

“I’ll go get it,” he said, not moving.

She hooked her legs over his hips. “Okay.”

“Kit.” He was trying to be a good guy here, but she wasn’t exactly helping. “Move another inch and I’ll be inside you.”

Lashes lifting, she sank her teeth into her lower lip… and moved that inch.

The air left his lungs, his hips slamming forward almost of their own accord to bury his cock to the hilt inside her. She was so goddamn hot, so fucking wet. “Oh, Jesus.”

Not about to question her trust when he’d never felt so good in his life, he began to move again. He’d intended to go slow, intended to make it last, but his body had other ideas. No way would this be slow, not with Kit holding him so possessively inside her while her kiss was pure heat and tenderness.

“Noah, do that again,” she moaned after he pulled out almost all the way, only to thrust back in.

His cock pulsing at the sign of her pleasure—yeah, his dick was a teacher’s pet, wanted all the gold stars—he gave her what she wanted. Again and again and again.

An hour later, they somehow stumbled to the outdoor bed and fell asleep, sticky with sweat and sex.

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