And somehow, that - more than anything else - actually cheered her up. Billionaire or not, Dmitry would always be rude and mean, and for some reason, that made him seem a lot more...reachable.

With Dmitry locking himself in the office as soon as they were on board, it was left to Sasha to give Tahey a tour once the jet had cleared takeoff. From the lounge they were in, Sasha walked her down a hallway where all the suites were.

"This is your room," Sasha told her.

Tahey was stunned. Her own room?

"It's across Dmitry's, in case you wanted to know."

Tahey turned red. "I..."

"You're welcome."

Sasha's tone was of wicked amusement, and the sound had Tahey turning even redder. "I'm, um...I gotta go." She disappeared into her suite and allowed herself a silent sigh as soon as she had shut the door shut behind her.


Sasha might not be rude like his big brother, but he was definitely just as mean—-

Her phone started vibrating, and she drew it out of her pocket, thinking it was a call about work.

But it wasn't.Chapter SixDmitry closed his eyes as icy cold water blasted down from the shower head. Don't think about her. Don't. Just fucking don't.

But his mind was stubborn and perverse, and instead of simply taunting him with images of Tahey, it did something a hundred times worse.

I'm in love with you.

Dmitry bit back a groan as the scene played back over and over in his mind.


The memory persisted, and all he could see was the way her lovely face stared up at him with her big, dark eyes...

I'm in love with you.

His mind continued to taunt him, focusing on the rapid rise and fall of her chest under the thin cotton of her blouse, and he cursed under his breath even as his hand was already moving down, his fingers slowly curling around the throbbing length of his dick.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

His hand started to move as he imagined it was Tahey's fingers that were wrapped around his erection. He tried to imagine how she would react at his dick. It would probably be the first cock she'd have seen in real life, wouldn't it? Probably would make her gasp, with her rosebud lips forming a small 'O'...


His hand moved faster as he imagined how his big hard cock would fit Tahey's mouth. It was cute and small, but what if it was too small for his size? She would probably have to work hard to fit him in, maybe even make a cute choking sound...


This last one did it for him, and Dmitry gritted his teeth as he began to ejaculate, his seed shooting out in powerful spurts that had him biting back groan after groan.


A shudder rocked the billionaire's frame as his dick twitched, and he spent himself one last time.

Dmitry knew what he was doing wasn't right. It was sick and perverted, with the way he imagined doing all sorts of things to Tahey while pleasuring himself. He knew he should stop, and he had tried, dammit. Tried every goddamn thing he could to kill his desire for Tahey...

But nothing worked.

He only wanted her.

The girl he used to despise and still had every reason to despise.

And yet...

Dmitry walked back into the lounge, expecting to see both Sasha and Tahey. Instead, there was just his brother, and he tried to convince himself her absence meant nothing.

Sasha waited until Dmitry had taken his seat before speaking. "If you're looking for your secretary—-"

"I wasn't," Dmitry refuted right away.

Sasha would normally rib his brother over the blatant lie, but not right now. "Ms. Baskerville came here earlier, and I'm giving you her apologies on her behalf. Says she's feeling unwell and would be unable to join us for dinner."

Dmitry frowned. "Airsick?"

"You should see for yourself." Sasha's tone had become noncommittal.

Dmitry forced himself to shrug. "She's not exactly a kid. She should know how to take care of herself." He took his seat and pressed the Service button to get the staff to come in.

Sasha deliberately chose not to talk about his brother's secretary during the meal. Best let Dmitry stew a little, and if fate was on Sasha's side, then perhaps this might be the push the other man needed to be finally honest about his feelings.

When the staff came back to clear the table, Dmitry asked if Sasha wanted a drink to cap the night off and cursed silently in his mind when his brother said yes.


Another hour passed.

Sasha, seeing Dmitry becoming increasingly on edge, finally took pity on his older brother and made up an excuse about having to get back to his room for work.

Dmitry, left alone in the lounge, only lasted about ten seconds.

And then he was out of his seat in a flash.

He knocked on Tahey's door once. What the hell was wrong with her? He wasn't worried or concerned, but naturally, as her employer, it was his responsibility to see to her well-being while she was on the job.

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